Thursday, September 13, 2012

20 Fun Halloween Food Ideas!!

So this post was kind of accidentally deleted a while back, and I'm redoing it, so if you notice it's different or I left something out, feel free to chuck it in!! :)

In October last year we threw Tammy a big Halloween/birthday party, and had a LOT of fun doing food and decorations, which is kind of novel for us here in Australia where it's not celebrated by that many people.  Here are 20 of the fun foods we made for the party :)

1.  Test Tubes!!  I ordered these test tubes off eBay, filled them with small lollies and stuck them in oasis (very cheap from Sam's Warehouse).  Then we labelled them the yuckiest things we could think of that might  work with the shapes of the lollies - kitty litter, rat kidneys, kidney stones, mucus, etc.  We placed quite a few of these around the place...

2.  We added a little extra colouring (red cordial) to the family punch recipe and served it in a cauldron with some floating eyeballs and inviting signs :)

3.  Baby Mummies!! I saw these on a blog somewhere, using Hershey's chocolate bars.  We don't have them in many places here though, and I don't really like them, so I used a bunch of different fun-sized chocolates.  You stick the eyes on little rectangles of black cardboard, and then affix them with strips of ripped white fabric that you wrap the mummies in and tie them off at the back.  These were super cute, loved them! :)

4.  Normal stuff seems gross when you stick yuck signs in it and cover it in toy cockroaches ! Sadly by the time I took this photo, everyone had stolen the cockroaches for Mum's cool Scavenger Hunt game which you can read about here, but it was shudder-worthy!

5.  Tammy's lovely friend Lauren made these AWESOME cupcakes - they're sweet little owls, I loved them!!  Nothing like something which fits into the party theme and TASTES delicious too! :)

6.  And while we're on the subject of fitting party theme + deliciousness, the cake Jonny and Jessima made was AMAZING!!  The most delicious cake EVER - chocolate, with a layer of chocolate cream in the middle and chocolate ganache for icing.  And I don't even know how they do the shapes or the icing or the nose so well!  We just should have served it on something less perky ;)

7.  Jonny and Jessima also made these spider cupcakes :)  They were delicious right down to the licorice legs! :)

8.  'Edible Monsters' - Choc Mint Slice biscuits with bits of marshmallow and red licorice for eyes - yum!! :) Is it possible that getting the eyeball of an edible monster was on the scavenger hunt list also??

9.  Beautiful Lauren who made the owl cupcakes also made these gorgeous Halloween cookies :)  So fun and cute!

10.  Lots of lollies work as Halloween treats - like snakes :)

11.  And now for some more of the savoury foods - The fact that we burnt this depressed-looking bread cob only made it more in theme... at least that's what we're saying now ;)  Adding faces to foods just makes them look like cute monsters :)

12.  Witch Swamp Dip - Tammy LOVES guacamole (as you can read about here), and so we used that for the 'swamp', and then carrot sticks and almonds stuck on I think with cream cheese made it a little 'witchy'.  

13.  Mum's AWESOME cheese rat :)  This was a highlight, and I want her to write an entire post about how she did it.  Maybe for next Halloween :)  Love her 'Eat My Rat', too :)

14 - These were so cute! :)  Dad's homemade bread rolls 'stuffed' with ham and salad :)

15.  Not being much of a cook, I was stoked with how these meringue 'Troll Bones' turned out - I'd seen them on lots of websites and ideas blogs, and they were pretty easy to make!!  For the 'Thickened blood' I just whippped cream like crazy and added red food colouring :)  Dad pointed out that I should have called it 'Clotted Blood' - next time ;)

16.  Bless Horace!!  And his poor entrails, which I think we forgot were boiling and they burst! Which made them look even less attractive and more in theme!  We picked Horace up at a cheap shop.  

17.  These are butter cookies - basically really easy shortbread cookies, cut into sticks instead of circles, with almond slivers pressed in before cooking to be the fingernails of the witch's fingers.  Next time we'll cut the fingers even smaller (they grew a lot in the oven!) and maybe wait until they are fresh out of the oven (still soft) to push the 'fingernails' in, because they cracked in the oven.

18.  Something about eyeballs!!  Boiled eggs with olive eyeballs - yummy and savoury and easy! :)

19.  Monster Munch! - Sorry not a good photo, but nuts and pretzels and chips and a few eyeballs :) 

20.  And a classic, pumpkin pie :)  Mum expertly piped the cream spiderwebs onto them and they looked fantastic!!

So there's some food to get us started, and you can read more about the party planning side of things from Mum, here :)

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  1. You are a good cook, Abby! And those troll bones with blood cream tasted much better than I even thought they would - which shouldn't be a surprise because it is basically pavlova! I think you did such a great job of all the party food! :)