Thursday, September 6, 2012

Milky Way Tiny Teddy Cars...

We went to a first birthday party the other day, and the birthday boy's mum had some really cute food out :)  Have you ever seen these??

They're totally cute, and super easy and quick to make!! You buy a funsize packet of Milky Ways, then stick on Smarties and Tiny Teddies (after eating the legs off...) with melted chocolate :)  One of my mums at school bought these in for a class party when I was teaching and I wanted to not forget to make them one day, so I was glad for the reminder that they're a cute idea!!!

Thinking of cute, fun and easy party foods made me excited for next month, because it brings Halloween, and last year we had LOTS of fun putting together a fabulous Halloween/Birthday party for Tammy! :)  So watch this space for some cute Halloween ideas in the next few weeks!!! :)

And just before I go, I saw these the other day, and they thrilled me, in both the fact that they look easy adn delicious, and the fact that I have occasion to make them soon when James graduates from uni!!!  Surprise graduation party, anyone??!!! :)  So excited, and aren't they cute???!!!

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  1. These are cute ideas. I'd enjoy eating one of these! :)

  2. Love them! I can't wait until Hallie has a first birthday etc. so I have excuses to make cute little things like these!
    Good ideas Abadabs. And you do super cool things with your parties so I will definitely come to you for more ideas when the time comes :) xo