About Us

Welcome to this Blog.  We began this as a place to share some of the things we are interested in - family activities, some crafty bits and pieces, and anything related to being a woman actually.  'We' are a mother and two grown daughters. We've also enjoyed hosting guest Bloggers along the way, some of them also family members.

For now, we are somewhat inactive - on the Blog that is. LIFE is taking us other places, for the present. We may be back..  I'm thinking that we will be, at least occasionally. 

We would be very pleased if there is anything on this Blog that is a help to you, and we are always happy to help with questions you may have.

If you'd like to know more about Tammy you can catch her on her own Blog here, and Abby also has her own Blog here. You can read more about me here.  

Please feel free to leave comments :)  We love reading your comments!



  1. Hello,

    Thanks for telling the story of what I do with my Christmas shops. The Norman Park one you mentioned was my forth shop. This year I decided to encourage communities around Australia to run their own shops, so will not be running my own. Just helping others.

    How to do it is all on my website. Plus I am happy to chat to people if they need help. If you wanted to encourage your readers to create a shop that would be grand and they would have the time of their lives.

    Light and Love

    Dennis Stevenson

    1. Thank you Dennis! I love your idea and would love to organise a shop myself one year.

      The website address for Dennis is: http://www.spiritofchristmas1.com/