Monday, July 1, 2013

Whatever I Want

"What are you going to do?"  my husband occasionally asks.

"Whatever I want," I smile in reply.

As Abby explained in the previous post, we three all decided not to be committed to this Blog in the same way any more for now.

But occasionally I would still like to write something up.  The difference is that I am just - you guessed it - going to write, or not write, 'whatever I want.'  To be fair, that has always been largely the case of course.  But I plan to be perhaps less circumspect in my topic choices and write more freely about..  whatever I want!  I'd be very happy if you can find anything among it all that is of some worth to you.

(I know I could have started a new Blog, but decided against it.)

What to expect?  Books, thoughts, beliefs, ideas.. a variety of topics.

I love your comments too! :)


  1. I hadn't realised you had started blogging on here again!
    Woohoo :)
    Time to catch up methinks.
    I'm excited for 'Whatever you want!' :) :)

  2. Hi Sandy, I'm just back from my holidays and am excited to see you blogging again. I will be back to catch up with more of your new posts asap. Barbara xxx