Friday, August 3, 2012

Afternoon Tea Baby Shower Part 2 (How To...)

(I had accidentally deleted this post, I'm sorry...  Does anyone else do this or is it just me?  As it was one half of a two-part set so I have taken the time to reconstruct it as best I can.  Part 1 gives a good overview of the baby shower :) 

(If you click on any of the photos they will enlarge - if you would like to see more detail)

'Mother - To - Be' Sash 

This was made by cutting two lengths of cheap satin, about 86cm x 24cm each piece.  (This allows for 1.5cm seams.)   Fold each of the lengths in half with right sides together, then sew up each of the long and one short sides, (keeping the two pieces separate).  Turn and press, pressing under the hem of each other short side, before sewing those up too.  You now have two separate sewn pieces of satin.  Find a font you like on the computer, and print out 'Mother - To - Be' , in the size you need.  (I used Monotype Corsiva, a Publisher font, in size 144.)  Using dressmakers' carbon paper, transfer the design onto one half of the sash.  I then used a puff paint pen to outline and fill in the writing.  (I bought the carbon paper and the puff paint from our local Spotlight store.  I don't think the brand matters much at all.)  Make sure you make the sash with enough time for the paint to dry overnight or more, although using a blow-dryer will speed things up.  Fasten the two satin pieces on the shoulder and the hip with baby pins in pink or blue :)

How to Make a Nappy Cake / Diaper Cake

These pictures show four different nappy cakes, made in two different ways.  The top right-hand cake was made by Jessima's lovely friend Miaoha, who has used a rolled method that you can view here.  There are actually dozens of ways you can make these, but this will give you an idea to start with.

The method I prefer the look of uses non-rolled nappies.  You can view a way to make a cake like this here, although I just followed my nose and do it a little differently:  I start with a large bottle of baby-wash or baby powder or baby shampoo.. (whatever you think will be useful)  and place it in the centre of a round tray if you have one, or a large enough tray of any shape is fine (you can see the silver tray I have used under the cake in the photos).  I then use a strip of masking tape on the opening (but unopened) end of each nappy, to attach half a dozen nappies to the centre object (which will be taller than the sides of the nappies), spacing the attached nappies around the centre object of the tray more or less uniformly.  I used a tied length of thin elastic to hold these in place, before filling in all of the spaces of the wheel with more nappies until they nicely filled the tray.  Using the top of the baby powder container (or whatever you used), I repeated all this for the top layer, wheeling in the opposite direction, and using fewer nappies, which will make the top wheel smaller.  By now the centre baby powder (or whatever) was completely covered.  Then decorate to your heart's content!  

Some of the items I used for decoration were:  baby wash cloths, singlets, toys, booties, tights, baby jackets, onesies, and other baby products.  (I used small pieces of rolled masking tape to secure them to the nappy cake.)

DIY Candles

The candles we used on the table were the same ones we used for Abby's wedding reception here and here.   I am able to get once-used candles from a wedding function shop near us for 10c each.  Using a sheet of A4 vellum, (you have a choice of plain, coloured or patterned), I cut each page in two, then use a heart-shaped hole punch to decorate along one long edge of each piece before rolling it around a candle (hearts at the top), and securing it with a few small pieces of invisible sticky tape.  To finish off, I tied a length of diaphanous ribbon into a bow at the front.  ( These candles are easy and cheap to make, look pretty and stay alight out of doors in a stiff breeze :)

Custom-designed Mad-Gab

Have you ever played Mad-Gab?  It's quite easy to custom design your own phrases, which we did for our baby showers. For instance, if you read the following through a few times, (it helps if you run the words together)... will find that the hidden phrase is : Sugar and spice and all things nice!  We printed each phrase out on half A4 sheets and displayed them while teams of two worked together to be the first to solve each phrase, scoring a point each time they did.  These are some of the other phrases we made up:  (Which you might want to tweak a bit.  I always do, whenever I look at them again  :)

Tub Esther Thin Scum In Sum Mall Pack Engines = The best things come in small packages
Far Fie Right Aren’t Teet Army = Favourite Aunty Tammy
Tend He Bay Yer Spick Knick = Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Low  Toss Ova Neigh  Peas = Lots of Nappies
Half Turn Hoon Tee Other Bay Bush Our = Afternoon Tea at the Baby Shower
Win Either Pugh = Winnie the pooh
Eight Eye Knee  Hay Dish On Tether Farm Hilly = A tiny addition to the family
Versed Barn = First born
Mag Eye low vies Chow Coal Ate = Maggie Loves Chocolate
Farm Hill Ease Afar Eve Are = Families are forever
Row Keen Sharing Then Hearse Hairy = Rocking chair in the nursery
A Beesa Gull Owing = Abby’s Glowing
Some Isles Sand Gig Halls Girl Law = Smiles and giggles galore
Row Cur Pipe Pay Bee = Rock-a-bye baby
Jay Emma Ease Gong Tubby Added = James is going to be a Dad
She Hugger Hands Pie Sandal Thinks Nigh Ice = Sugar and Spice and All things Nice
How Hone Lee Tall Bun Doll Oaf Choice = A tiny bundle of joy
One Duffle Phren Star Sell Harbour Ate Width = Wonderful Friends to Celebrate with
Meet Knight Fee Dah Sings = Midnight feedings
Hab Ease Saber Ute Tip Full Mart Their = Abby’s a beautiful mother
Ma Geese So Fairy Low Fed = Maggie’s so very loved
BayBeach Hemp Ooh = Baby shampoo
Pea Cub Who Icy Hue  =  Peek-a-boo!  I see you!
Does hunt Shell Hook ONe Do Full  = Doesnt' she look wonderful
Pea Sank White  =  Peace and quiet
High Wheel Hall Weighs Loaf View  =  I will always love you
Saw Fast Abe Abie Spot Hum  = Soft as a baby's bottom
Bay Beef Ace  =  Baby Face

Afternoon Tea Menu

(I allowed one of these for each guest.)

Mini egg and bacon triangles
Thinly-sliced cucumber with creme fraiche and chopped mint s/w
Smoked salmon with horseradish cream, chopped capers and dill pinwheels
Asparagus and creme cheese roll-ups
Egg and lettuce on open pane bread rounds
Chicken and pine nut fluted s/w rounds
Triple-smoked ham with dijon mustard or avocado cubes
Mini open s/w with turkey, brie, lettuce and cranberry sauce

Mini lemonade scones and Pikelets, dusted with icing sugar
Served with homemade raspberry jam and extra-thick cream

Sweets and Petit Fours 
(I do not allow one of these for each guest because there is too large a selection.  I like the variety :)

Mini brandy-snap baskets with custard cream and strawberries
Mini chocolate eclairs
Mini apple strudels with dusted icing sugar
Pumpkin pie triangles with cream
Small chocolate mousse ramekins with raspberry and cream
Mini upside-down baked cheesecakes with cream and fruit
Chocolate cheesecake biscuit hearts
Mini caramel tarts
Mini lemon curd tarts
Mini apricot and chocolate and coconut cup-cakes
Chocolate cherryripe biscuits
Coconut macaroon charmers
Puff pastry rounds with baked custard and fruit


Iced water with slice of lime and mint leaf

Non-alcoholic fruit punch with orange base and served with half orange slice, mint leaf and strawberry in each glass
(After the punch has been poured, finish with a splash of raspberry cordial.)

Stephens or Nestle Hot chocolate mix, served with sugar cubes and marshmallows

Enjoy! :)

(If you would like any of the recipes just let me know and I would be happy to send them through)


  1. It looks amazing u did an amazing job..x

  2. Wow, they look wonderful! Can you please share the vegetarian recipes with me, pastry and such? Thank you!

    1. Hi Viji. I'm happy to share recipes. Which ones would you like?

  3. How long did it take you to make all these? Days, I guess!

    1. I like to serve most things fresh-made, so I think I probably started cooking the morning before the party, or perhaps the night before that. I make lists of everything that needs doing, then prepare everything that I can in advance, (like the cleaning, setting the table, the games, etc), then work my way down the list, leaving the last-minute things to do at the end. (ie - the mousse, biscuits and cheesecakes are fine to make the day before, but I make the sandwiches on the day, although I prepare the fillings ahead if I can.) I leave the scones and pikelets until as late as possible, so they are really fresh. Also, I have good help with my husband and children, who have helped me to cook for years!

      It does take a long time to do cooking like this, which is why more people don't do it I suppose. But you don't need to have this much variety - I'm sure I do more than is really needed. I suggest you choose the recipes carefully, so that you have a mixture of quick and easy, to balance the more time consuming and fiddly. I also always make sure I don't have too many last-minute recipes to do. Planning is probably the key.

      Hope that helps :)