Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Organising!! :)

This morning I saw an ninemsn health article while I was browsing the news, that said that having clutter around is an 'energy stealer'.  I wanted to quote her (I think organisation definitely makes me feel more energised!!) so I thought I'd look up the referenced sources' credentials, and it made me laugh to see she has 'Expert membership status of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO), and graduated from Australia's first accredited 'EXPERT' Professional Organiser Narelle Todd's Professional Organiser Training Program (as well as a degree in home ec and a bunch of other stuff).  I was somewhat diverted to hear there was such a program, so I looked that up too - it's very serious and very expensive, and I had no idea that there were such rigorous qualifications available for being great at organising!!!! :)

But that's all just interesting side notes.  I was interested in the article because post sickness, I have been able to get back to trying to reorganise and de-clutter our little house!!!  

I started a few months ago, and although I don't have 'before' photos for my bedside table, imagine from the rest of the examples that it was an absolutely overcrowded pigsty!! :)

Now, it's not :)

Here's a 'before' and 'after' of our ribbon/wrapping drawer:

And one of Ana's drawers...

(a lot of it ended up hanging up!)

And in the last few days I've been focusing on what were my VERY messy bathroom cupboards and bench.

Before and after:


and after:

Before and After

Although it's a struggle to get this stuff done (the girls seem to DESPERATELY need attention at just the moment I've pulled everything out of any given cupboard or drawer, and seem to time the 'wake up' part of their naps to the same moment) sometimes, it feels a LOT better when it IS done!!!

From my obviously vast experience (having now proved I've cleaned at least 5 or so spaces in the last 3 months), here are my top tips for organisation:

(please note I do not have expert membership in the AAPO, and have yet to complete any professional organisation courses... :))
  1. Don't be afraid to throw things away!!!  Sometimes we hold on to things for ages, 'just in case' we'll randomly need to use them in the future.  If you haven't used it for a year, chances are you won't need it for the next 10 or so!  Sometimes these things are only worth $2 anyway, and I've realised it's worth that possible $2 future re-buy to me, to not have to store it for the next 10 years.  Also, we get given a lot of gifts in our lifetime, and some of them we'll never use, and keep them out of guilt.  I've decided that it's better to throw it in a Vinnies bag and let someone else who may actually use it, get a chance to have it!!  I LOVE throwing away vast amounts of things I've been holding onto for way too long.
  2. Clean as you go.  Make sure you clean (dust, etc.) every shelf/cupboard you pull everything out of, before you put stuff back in.  It just makes everything feel better!
  3. Compartmentalise - use containers, boxes and bags to divide things into categories.  This helps things stays neat, and makes it easier for you to find things in future!
  4. Label stuff! - Even though none of these photos show labels, I'm a big fan!! - Because as much as you think you WILL remember where you put EVERYTHING, you might not.  And the people who you live with don't read your mind, so this'll make it easier on everyone!!  I just don't have anything cute and lable-y at the moment to use lol :)
  5. Do a little bit every day.  Even if it's just your ribbon and wrapping drawer :)  Organising and de-cluttering are addictive.  If you do something little each day, you'll want to keep going, and you'll feel clean in body and mind!! :)
This blog motivated me HEAPS in getting better at being organised, and although she's been writing about other things lately, there are a bunch of cute organisation posts that I read back to sometimes to give me that little 'kick' again :)

Happy Organising!!! :)


  1. Now I just want to go clean everything!!!!

  2. Looks AWESOMELY organized Abs :)

    But good luck getting Ana to read and follow your labels!(I don't think Maggie needs labels though, she'll keep things tidy regardless...)


    xo Tammy

  3. Impressive 'after' pictures, Abs! You've done a great job, and everything does look so much more enjoyable to live with :) I agree with your top tips.