Thursday, August 23, 2012

Decorating the Nursery - Girl!!

I was talking to Mum today, about how much I love dressing our little girls in pink.

a)  People don't ask me how my son is
b) Baby girls dressed in pink look so sweet and pretty and feminine!!

When I have a son (Yes, I'm sure this will happen one day) I will love dressing him in blue.  I am completely confident about that as well :)  

I will also want to do up a fun little 'boy' nursery if it is a boy!! If it is a girl, she will once again be handed down at least the basics from her big sisters.  

Here's what we did for Maggie:

One of the things I really wanted in our nursery (and which I want for all of our children's rooms) was a picture of the Saviour - preferably a sweet one of Him with some children.  Mum and Dad brought me this one back from the LDS Church Distribution Centre in the States ... or maybe from Deseret Book??  (I don't know which, but they are here and here and you can find beautiful art on both!)

My lovely friend Kaili  painted the gorgeous picture above the change table!! :)  

I painted some little canvases and attached them with ribbon to hang up above the chest of drawers - I copied the cute pattern which was on the cot set and curtains :)  The cot sheet set/curtains etc. are a a line from Kidsline called 'Clothesline'.  If you google Kidsline Clothesline you'll be able to find it.  I have been really happy with it! :)

Over time things have changed a little - our rocking chair didn't live for too long - it was older and it (we strangely have no idea how) ended up with a giant crack down the seat!  So that's not out at the moment, and I miss the beautiful quilt Mum made splashing its beautiful colours in there!  We also (during Ana's time) swapped around the cot and the chest of drawers, so the drawers are under the framed picture of the Saviour, and the cot is under the canvases I painted (and yes, Ana is still sleeping under a canvas that says 'Maggie'!!).  The things on the bookshelf are also a little different, but we didn't change too much when Ana was born and we whisked Maggie into her newly created bed/toy room!!!

Decorating rocks my little socks :)


  1. Love their nursery. So cute!!

  2. My little socks are rocking too! It's a sweet nursery :) I love the small 'Happiness' statue of the girl under your mini canvasses. And I love Ben's bear in the cot :)