Friday, July 27, 2012

Afternoon Tea Baby Shower - A Recipe For.. Part 1

The Reason...

One Glowing New Mother-To-Be!

Other Participants...

13 other special guests

..and some fabulous background kitchen help

(Perhaps an angel husband, daughter or teenage sons, for example... :)

Other Ingredients...

A home-made 'Mother To Be' sash, joined with baby pins
(more on this next week)

Invitations sent out 3-4 weeks earlier

Printed name tags in the shape of baby bibs

A nappy cake in the baby colours
(more on this next week)

Fresh flowers - pink and white for girls, blue and white for boys, 
a mixture if it's a surprise

Printed place names, for the table

Your prettiest china and glassware

Some candles - on the table and around
(more on these next week)

Pre-prepared Scrap-booking activity
with box to keep the cards..

Custom-designed Mad-Gab game
(more on this next week)

Prepared strings for 'Guess the Mummy's Girth!'

Pre-cut and printed 'Mothering Advice' pages
with album to store the pages

Fabulous Afternoon Tea

Someone Assigned To Take Photographs!!
(I always forget this one!  It's why I don't have photos for everything, even though we have 
done this Afternoon Tea Baby Shower three times now.. )

The Program...

Arrival of the guests
(and hopefully not the baby)
Each guest is welcomed, introduced, and pinned with a name tag
(Presents put aside to be opened later)
The Mother-To-Be is invested with her very own, 
take home, Mother-To-Be sash

Pre-cut, generous lengths of pink or blue soft baby wool,
each with attached sticky label that is named for each of the guests, are given out
Each guest uses scissors to cut the woolen string to the circumference 
that they believe the pregnant tummy to be..

Each guest is provided with a pen and sheet of linen paper that carries her name..
And asked to write a message to the M-T-B,
that includes a favourite mothering memory about their own mother/mother figure


The guests are escorted to the scrap-booking station
where they are served a glass of punch and
where they will be making 21 cards for the baby's first 21 birthdays

Each card creator signs their name on the back of the card
(cards are partly pre-organised, but with lots of scope for originality)
These cards can be used by the parents to write their 
own message to their child each year
The cards are displayed when they are completed,
then boxed for the new Mother-To-Be

2.40pm - ish

The guests return to the living room for a game of 
Baby Mad-Gab

The M-T-B is measured with the strings and the winner is given a prize
(The M-T-B gives a big, grateful hug to the guest who guessed the shortest length!)

3.10pm - ish

Afternoon Tea is served!
Everyone is seated at the table, which is already laden and groaning under the weight of 
(the table, that is)
..a wonderful selection of savoury and sweet delights!

4.15pm - ish

Time to open the presents!

The 'advice' pages are collected into a small photo album book and
The birthday cards are collected into a box 
These are given to the M-T-B

4.30pm -ish

End of the party.  Nobody really leaves for a while.

(We emerge to find that the angel husband and sons have done all the kitchen clean-up.  Yay! :)

(Part 2 Afternoon Tea Baby Shower is Here.)


  1. "We emerge to find the angel husband and sons have done all the kitchen clean-up". You know they do that to hide the face that they've eaten all the left overs... right?! LOL :)

    Such beautiful afternoons. You really do put on the best high teas mum!

    xo Tammy

  2. Can't wait for the next one ;) Such an elegant afternoon. I loved mine - thank you SO much. The effort put in is AMAZING.

    I miss the twins :(

  3. You throw the most AMAZING baby showers Mum!! And tea parties and just parties and EVERYTHING! Thank you so, so much for the time you've put in and the sacrifices you've made. I abslutely loved my baby shower and I'm so very grateful :)
    You're totally my idol :)