Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jars, Candles and a bit of Twine...

Okay, continuing on from Jessima's Jar theme of yesterday (and I think you should probably master honesty before you move on to these jars), I thought I'd just post a couple of photos for today's inspiration.  I was talking to a good friend (Adele, you can check out her blog here) late last week, and she mentioned that she's been having some fun lately with jar/candle centrepieces.  Apparently it's a bit of a craze everyone's loving on Pintrest at the moment.  And when I saw some of the pictures, I had to agree.  I did do something a little similar for our Thanksgiving dinner last year, but, alas, no pictures. 

So for today's inspiration, you have the first picture (courtesy of Adele), and then the others are courtesy of Google.... but with my full backing :)

So pretty, aren't they?  I'm keen to try some of these next time I have one of those lovely 'out on the veranda at dusk' dinner parties... at some point in the next 10 years.... :)  I particularly love the hanging ones.  How pretty do they look?! Like old fashioned fairy lights ;)

xo Tammy

(You can see an example of where we used these at a birthday dinner here.)


  1. So, SO pretty - you guys have a huge, awesome deck, and you're making me think 'dinner on Tammy's back deck with cute, made-by-Tammy candle jars' for our next family dinner?! :)

  2. Pretty! I love candles - they bring instant atmosphere :)

  3. and this isn't a project that could get blown out of proportion...unless you decided to blow the glass to make your won jars. ;)