Thursday, July 12, 2012

Table Centrepiece

A little while ago now we got new couches (one of the single most exciting 'homemaker' moments of my life!), and changed the colours in our living room a little to liven things up a bit!!  On our nearby dining table I had gotten extremely sick of the yucky centrepiece and wanted to tie in the new colours in the couches (bright!), so I bought some of those cheap cane balls from cheap shops, and painted them!  

We'd been given a white cane bowl second hand, and that's actually a placemat underneath them!  I am a terrible photographer and it all looks very dark, but we like our little table centrepiece, our living area is fresh and bright, it was VERY cheap and easy to put together, and ties the eating area to the rest of the living room nicely :)

I'm always kind of at a loss when it comes to table centrepieces - does anyone have any fabulous ideas??  It's been a few years, we're almost ready for an update!! :)

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  1. I like these, Abs! They look good with your cushions :)