Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fish in a Bag

Okay, a 'Cooking Tips' post from me would be a little bit of a joke.  So think of this as more of an 'Eating Tips' post, and I think we'll get through this just fine.  Now, I don't work for Woolworths, and this is not a paid endorsement or anything, but I just love the new 'Fish in a Bag' thing that Woolies have recently introduced.  

In a nutshell:  When you go to the fish counter and order a piece of fish, you can opt to have them pop it in an oven bag with some marinade (they've got 4 to choose from) and then they'll seal it and send it home with you. All you pay for is the piece of fish.  When you get home (or are ready to eat), you simply turn on the oven, throw the bag in (oh, wait, you do have to pierce it on top in a couple of places... really difficult, I know :)), and then you bake it for around half an hour.

Reasons why I love this new Fish in a bag thing:
1) It is absolutely delicious - like, really delicious.  Salmon is my favourite, but I've also been enjoying any of the white fish or prawns.  All yummy.  (I'm on a bit of a health kick lately, and I'm enjoying fish 2-3 times a week now).
2) I'm a bit of a busy person (aka lazy cook), and this is SUCH a nice way to feel like I'm having a home cooked meal.  I usually throw some cut up veggies in the oven to bake along side the fish. 
3) NO cleaning up!  No ovenware dishes to wash! I just throw the bag away and tip the fish into a bowl or onto a plate (See the 'I'm a bit of a lazy cook' in number 2...)
4) This is a great meal if you're cooking for one person (obviously), but I actually heard about it from a mother of 4 who says she's being doing it for her family because they can throw all the bags in the oven together, and all the kids can pick their own fish and sauce.
5) Pretty much no room for human error (this one is important if you're me).  Lately, my habit is to get home from my workout session, turn on the oven, throw in the fish and some veggies and go and have a shower. That way I can eat before it gets to late, and even if I leave it in there for a little longer than normal, it doesn't dry out becuase it's in the bag with all those juices.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.

The only downside is that while the marinades are all fat free, I'm concerned that that's really code for 'high in sugar' and I haven't seen anywhere how many calories are in the sauce.  I'm thinking of emailing Woolies and asking them to think about a sugar-free option as well... because otherwise I love the new fish in a bag thing :)

xo Tammy


  1. YUM! Sounds awesome - I've been craving fish but I'm TERRIFIED of cooking it!! :) Will have to visit Woolies and have a little go! Thanks for the tip xox

  2. Dad came home from shopping on Saturday with four of these for me to try (as per your recommendation) - one for each of the sauces. I haven't had any yet, but am looking forward to it, thank you! :)

  3. I've had the roast herb and garlic one. Such a good idea. We normally eat fish once a week anyway, so this just takes extra work out of the prep for me. Glad your on to a good thing!

  4. I had one of these for dinner last night... thank you for the suggestion :)

  5. I had it today as well. Really yum and easy. Hopefully it doesn't have too much sugar. I am impressed.