Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 reasons to go to a theme park with little children....

Recently I went to Sea World on the Gold Coast by myself with 3 kids.

Daring you might say? Crazy? Glutton for punishment?

Well it didn't turn out so bad.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should do it:

1. When their little faces light up in excitement when they see a dolphin doing a cool trick in the air. It's pure wonder and enjoyment.

2. YOU get to decide where you are going, what you are going to see, how long you stay there. You're in control of the agenda (even though they think they are).

3. It is a bonding experience. Sure, at times it can be tricky managing 3 young kids, but it certainly is a day you will remember and cherish!! (well, hopefully)

4. Seeing them experience the world around them. Seeing (and touching) animals they have only read about or seen on TV is very exciting. They just have a love for everything. Plus they get super excited when they recognise certain animals or characters (eg. sharks, Dora the Explorer).

5. After walking up and down the park all day long, you are guaranteed to have 3 very tired kids on your trip home!


And 1 reason why you shouldn't take 3 kids under 4 to a theme park by yourself - you are outnumbered and don't have enough hands (plus when they are under the height limit and you have to go on the ride too, it makes it tricky when you have a baby in a stroller).


  1. Looks like such a fun day Jessima!

    xo Tammy

  2. I'm glad the day went well, Jessima! :)