Thursday, July 26, 2012

An AWESOME Cook :)

Last night, I whipped up a beautiful Moroccan Lamb Casserole for dinner.  It was pretty fabulous.  Possibly the best you ever would have tasted.  I can tell you the recipe off the top of my head:
  • 2 carrots, diced (I don't think I'll ever forget this, because I thought it said 'sliced'.  So I sliced them.  And then I realised it said 'diced'.  So I diced every annoying slice!!! - Did I mention I did a double recipe?? lol)
  • 1 onion, sliced (for real, sliced.  I think that's what I read when I was doing the carrots :P)
  • A can of diced tomatoes (I opened one of my cans of 'diced' tomatoes, and they were whole! - So I wiggled a knife around in there for a bit.  Yes, I'm sure the can says 'diced'.)
  • 1kg of diced lamb (I used beef, but only because it's cheaper.. did I mention I was doing a double?! - I want it for dinner at least tomorow night, also!)
  • Oh, and a Moroccan Lamb Casserole McCORMIC Slow Cookers Recipe Base... :)

Moroccan Lamb Casserole
All photos from

You brown the meat, carrots and onions (wiggle them around in a fry pan for a couple of minutes), then chuck them in the slow cooker.  Then you mix the recipe base with the can of tomatoes (ie. put them in the same bowl and wiggle a spoon around for a second) and chuck them in the slow cooker, and mix it all a little :)  THEN you chuck the lid on and wait for 4-8 hours - 4 hours on high, or 8 on low.  Just before serving, you can stir through some fresh coriander - we did this last night, mmmmmm :)

Then you do whatever you want all day (I opted to go to the park with 3 of my favourite friends and their gorgeous bubs), and come home to the mouthwatering aroma of Moroccan!! :)  Yay!!! :)  On the back of the recipe base it suggests you serve on a bed of cous cous topped with yoghurt and toasted almonds, but James is anti cous cous so we serve it on a bed of rice, but DEFINITELY do the yoghurt and almonds thing, mmmmmmmm :)  And they're yummy and classy, so you can have them when people are coming over for dinner.  I highly recommend this - they cut the stress cause you prepare it in the morning and can spend time before they come over cleaning up, or more importantly, cooking dessert :)

So my slow cooker + McCORMICK Slow Cookers recipe bases = an AWESOME cook :)

Another one of their slow cooker bases I've made and we all LOVE (including my 1 and 2 year olds!) is their Mild Chicken Curry! - Easy peasy!! :)

Mild Chicken CurryMild Chicken Curry

But there are lots to try!! 

And here's a screenshot from the website:

Doesn't it all look crazy appetising?!  It does to me.  I think what makes my mouth water the most is knowing by experience how EASY they all are!!! :)

1 last thing I love about slow cookers:  Eating the food at night, it feels like someone else made it for you, which always makes it taste better ;)

If you're not so keen on a recipe base but slow cookers intrigue you, I'll have to share my favourite non recipe based slow cooker recipe some other time - almost just as easy!  But for now - go!  Have fun! - Go out for the day!  Just remember to chuck your dinner in the slow cooker and switch 'on' first :)

PS:  2 cooking posts, and only 1 about children's books from me so far.  Totally out of character.


  1. First I publically endorse Woolworths, and then you publically endorse McCormicks.... lol!

    I think I need a slow cooker.... :)

  2. I have 2 packets of that Moroccan lamb base in my cupboard right now! I've been kind of avoiding using it though in case it was spicey? Is it?
    And you totally got me on to the slow cooker thing and now I use it every day! I just throw in any meat and veggies I have along with a recipe base pack or just any sauce I have. Last night I just used teriyaki marinade lol. But it's totally handy cos I'm always busy with Hallie around dinner time.
    Thanks for all your help Abs! I find you a very handy reference :) xo

  3. Great post!!! Love finding new, easy and healthy meal ideas. Will definitely have to try one of these bases for sure!

  4. Haha - I totally agree with you that someone else cooking for you always tastes better! A sandwich tastes better when someone else does it.. I love the idea of a slow cooker... Thank you for the recipe :)