Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a breath of fresh air

I just love the beauty of nature. 

Especially the colours.

In a recent family camp at Mt Tambourine in the Gold Coast Hinterland, I went on a walk with some cousins. I couldn't help but take my camera along and take some snaps of the different flowers along our trail. In a short space of time, I was greeted with many different flowers, each with their own beauty and colour. I think my love and appreciation for the beauty of nature stemmed from the talented Peter Lik. When I lived in Cairns 10 years ago he had an art gallery (which sadly has closed down) that I LOVED walking through. The colours were breath taking and started creating a desire within me to want to take photos like him. I am forever grateful for the times I walked through his art gallery, just admiring and wishing I could own a piece of his art work.

As I become more acquainted with my camera, my eye loves to capture the beauty around us. I now recognise it is easy to walk past a flower and not actually see it is there. But when you stop to look at the world around you, to see the beauty in the colours, shapes and sizes our Heavenly Father has created, you can't help but feel blessed and appreciation for natural beauty.

I am only a 'mum photographer', but I love this hobby of mine. Below is a showcase of the nature I experienced on my walk:

At our camp this is what we were surrounded by. Isn't it just pretty?

Nature is beautiful and breathtaking and I hope I never forget it!


  1. Aww - those are such great photos Jessima. And I love how much you love the beauty of nature. I love it too :)

    xo Tammy

    PS. The photo of the pinecone in the middle there cracked me up. When I went for a Sunday afternoon walk with Jenna and Jordan we spent about an hour wakling up and down the driveway pointing at EVERY single pinecone... Jordan was obsessed with them! (And terrified of them at the same time. Nothing could convince him to touch one! lol!)

    xo Tammy

  2. A beautiful Blog post Jessima, thank you! Your pictures help inspire me to appreciate all of the beautiful around us a little more. I think you take great photographs! :)

  3. Your photos are GORGEOUS!!! :) Nice photography sis!