Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a good sacrifice ...

These kids are worth it. They are just so cute, helpful, loveable and happy!! However, the last 2 weeks we have been hit with illness after illness. Runny noses, virus', infections, colds etc. If it has been going around, then I can bet you that one of us have had it. But now it is my turn. Oh how I yearn not to be sick. How can I look after 3 little ones and myself??? I feel like I'm dying. I hoped and prayed we would get through the night uninterrupted last night, but sadly that was not the case. But that is ok. Getting up to these 3 IS a good sacrifice I make.

On the whole we don't really have it bad. It can be hard to look after 3 littles though when you feel you can barely look after yourself. But we are blessed to have family close by to help (thanks Mum!) and to give of their time and energy for me and our family when my husband has to go to work. I am very grateful for these experiences because every time I do get up in the night and sacrifice my sleep (even though I REALLY want to sleep), I know my character, patience and spirit are being shaped and moulded into the woman I hope to become.


  1. They are so adoreable :)
    And so are you :)
    Keep going Jessima, you're doing such a wonderful job with them.

    xo Tammy

  2. They are so worth it! Look at those adorable little faces! I've always thought that the hardest thing about being a mother of young children is having to continue on when you are sick yourself! There is no sick leave for a mother! Fortunately, the blessings of having a family far out-way the difficulties. I'm so glad that we live close enough to help now :)