Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aunty Appreciation Day!

As well as being a truly incredible sister, Tammy is one of the rocking-est aunties on the planet.  All of her nieces and nephews adore her.  She is so much fun, and loves them all sooooooooo much, and loves to spend time with them and take them on fun outings.  On Saturday morning she babysat my girls, and when I went to pick them up, Maggie burst into tears because she wanted to stay with Aunty Tammy!! :)  Obviously, she rocks their socks, and she's very cool.

Anyway, there's no special day to celebrate awesome aunts, at least not down here in Oz, so we had to create our own Aunty Appreciation Day to celebrate her awesome-ness!!

Tammy has high class taste, so we really wanted to make the celebration a fancy, cute high tea.  Unfortunately Tammy works crazy hours and ended up having to postpone the fake help me with my daughter's birthday planning afternoon (my excuse for having her over - she's always happy to help with anything!) until evening, so we had an evening afternoon tea.  I have to say, it probably goes better with sunlight, but it was still a lot of fun!! :)

We had bottles of Tammy's favourite yuppie drink, grapefruit tiro, and I soaked them in water and scraped the labels off and then tied little white bows around them.  We also had little waters for the children, tied in cute pink bows, and some fruit and a plate of fairy bread (buttered bread dunked face down in 100's and 1000's for all you non-Aussies out there!)..

One of my favourite auntie quotes was scrawled all over my window in my favourite 'liquid chalk' markers (I love drawing on glass and mirrors for stuff.. temporarily.. :))

All over the house, we had photos of Tammy with all of her nieces and nephew.  There were a lot of them - she's always there for them, and they're really cute.  One of the gifts we gave her was a photo album which we put all the photos into at the end of the night.

All of the children brainstormed the things they love about Aunty Tammy to, and we wrote them on love hearts which we stuck around with the photos.  They also had a special album for her to take them home later!

Some of the gifts...

...and love!

And the "afternoon tea" :)

Lots of yummy little cakes and slices...

Scones and little pikelets...

We tried to make a lot of things Tammy loves, just in really small portions.  Like mini Caesar Salads (possibly Tammy's favourite meal, EVER.  She gets it, everywhere.  I guess it's lucky they sell it pretty much everywhere you go!).

Some of Mum's cute signature sandwiches!!

Mini Caesar Salads...

Isn't that a gorgeous high tea pot?? :)  I think Mum brought it along, just because it looks so cute on the table! Awesome :)

And a giant platter of sushi.  Classy, delicious, and it reminds us all of our little brothers on their missions in Japan, who we all adore and miss :)

We also had the less-elegant bread cobs, because we were afraid of the men going hungry at a 'high tea'.  We didn't even bring the second one out, because there was soooo much food, everybody was plenty full! :)  

After we ate and talked about how much we love Tammy, and the children helped Tammy open her gifts, we turned on some music and the children all danced for us - it was a scream :)  

So do you have a fabulous Auntie or other significantly incredible person in your life who deserves a celebration!?!! - TOTALLY throw them one! :)  Do whatever they like to do best, and eat their favourite foods.  It's really fun to let them know that you APPRECIATE all that they are and do! :)  Especially if the rest of the world hasn't noticed they deserve an extra special day :)


  1. It was a lovely idea that you had, Abs, to surprise a fabulous Aunty with her own celebration, (since our 'Happy!' calendar strangely neglects to!) You have a real talent for appreciating the good things in your life :) And, let it be said that Tammy is one of the best! :)

  2. Awww. It was SUCH a surprise, and such a nice one :) Loved the notes and the kids and all the gorgeous presentation of the food and drinks. Thank you so much Abby Mum and Jessima :)

    xo Tammy