Friday, September 14, 2012

Small Wood-work Projects

Our daughter Abby designed a coat-hanger holder for me as a Christmas present one year, when she was about six or seven.  Her Dad helped her to make it, and Abby painted it.

(I should have thought to put some hangers on to the rail, I'm sorry!)

This is 20 years old now, and it is one of my favourite things.  So handy!  We fortunately had a spot for it in the laundry and I have never had to fight with a mass of jumbled hangers since!

Abby's Dad is not necessarily the handy-man type, so I reminded him a few days ago of how nicely he had made this with Abby - and asked him if he would be interested in joining me in more woodwork projects?

My reason for asking was that I had just seen this adorable little girls kitchen on a great DIY Blog I came across:

How cute is this?!  I'd really like one!  And, as far as I can see, totally do-able for most of us.
(Go to the Young House Love Blog (highly recommended) to see more photographs and to read the simple directions.)

Looking around on the same great Blog, I came across this dollhouse that I'd also like to make:

Isn't it great?  It's a bright and funky interpretation of a classic.  Instructions for this house and furniture here and here.

Another project in Blog-land that recently caught my interest was this coffee table...

Which reminded me a little of these rescued-wood items I saw for sale at a Home Show recently:

These hand-cut, sanded and painted chunks of wood would make an interesting small project too.
I like the idea that Sarah, over at Cursive had, of giving these white wood rocks with a message hidden inside, listing the reasons that make that person special, along with a card listing what she wrote.  I imagine that you could drill a hole into the rock and slide in a rolled note, then plug the hole with putty.  Interesting, attractive and meaningful too!
Or perhaps you could type up your message on thin paper and decoupage it to the 'rocks'.

This image (using these wood rocks) comes from here.  I like the gold paint splotches on the simple vase..

If you like sanding and painting (or covering) small blocks of wood, then this idea from Martha Stewart for some children's play blocks could be a good project.  (You can see the 'JOY' blocks that Abby made in a similar manner, in the Patches of Heaven Blog banner above.)

homemade baby blocks

These colourful painted blocks, decorated with paint markers, are here,   Simple, quick and fun!

Grand-parents would love these original artworks, recorded on wood with a wood-burning tool and coloured in with watercolour paints.  Directions to make this interesting keepsake box (and some better photos) are here.  
This would be a fun project to do!  (I still like colouring in :)

Perhaps I should ask for a jig-saw or a router for Christmas...


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  1. Well, this is EXCELLENT news, because I need someone to help me make a dinning room table....

    (And I'm actually serious....)

    xoxo :)

  2. Lol Tammy! :) And Mum - exciting to see you exploring your love of DIY!! - don't you wish Daddy shared it?? lol. We are making that dolls house for Christmas for the girls, I am SO excited to do the fun part and decorate it when James has built it :D Maybe you need to plan a workshed into the design of your new house?? :) xo

  3. PS: The design for your coathanger holder was originally a little more complicated - the base had rounded edges going up to the sides - the base and sides were all one beautifully carved piece of wood. I don't know why Daddy felt the need to change it! lol :)

  4. Well I for one am I little disappointed Abby never built the original design. Would have been super impressive :)

    I love this post Mum!! It makes me want to build a heap of things! Basically every piece of furniture or gym equipment in our house that didn't come already built (which none of them did because our furniture is budget :)) I put together. Not because Robbie doesn't do it but because I get a lot of satisfaction out of it and insist on doing it myself or just do it before he gets home. It feels good being able to see a working finished product. ....Sometimes Robbie has to come and tighten all the screws a little extra at the end, just in case my strength wasn't enough :P

    I really enjoyed doing woodwork at school (remember the subject I came 3rd in my grade for at school? Before you suggested I do more practical subjects like history and science...urgh :P). Though maybe I only got good marks because the teacher tended to help me a lot :P

    But anyway, yes! I want to build that doll house! I wonder what kind of wood I would need. And of course I would need to please use your drop saw when you buy one :)
    And I want to make other pretty home-y things! Hmm, my head is ticking....

    Thanks Mum-a-dub! Fab post. xoxoxoxo

  5. Love the idea of the coffee table! Thanks for sharing

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