Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Spirit of Christmas Shop

Tammy sent us all an email the other day, telling us about a little shop that 'suddenly' opened in Norman Park this week.  It is a 'Spirit of Christmas' shop, started by a man named Dennis Stevenson...

From the website:

Every Christmas, Dennis Stevenson, with community help and at no cost, borrows an empty shop and gives away thousands of free presents.

The first year (2009), he opened one at Burleigh.  2010 was Nundah, last year was Clayfield and this year it is in Norman Park.  Tammy said she's already seen people drop off things from teddy bears to kayaks and bikes!! The only requirement is that they have to look new!!  People are encouraged to bring donations every day up until Christmas Eve, from 8:30 - 6pm.  It is a wonderful community initiative to help those who are struggling, to provide gifts for those they love.

You can look here: for more information, and here is a recent Courier Mail article about the 2012 shop :)

LOVE this idea, and I think most of us have things around our homes that are new and have never/will never be used!!  So if you have anything that fits the description, take it on down to Norman Park in the next few days and share the Spirit of Christmas!! :)  What a wonderful activity to do as a family or a group of friends! :)

And here's wishing you all, a very
Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Such a wonderful idea and message and reminder.
    This would be a great tradition, to contribute to each year.