Friday, January 4, 2013

The Nativity :)

One of all of our favourite parts of Christmas Day this year, was our new tradition, which the grandchildren are finally old enough for - the acting out of the nativity! :)

It's actually a re-vamp of an old family tradition, which you can read about here.  

Jessima had picked up some of the costumes just at Big W, our angel was wearing a  princess dress up, and  one of our shepherds decided to go with a cute red Christmas dress, but as you can see in the post I just linked, sheets and towels over heads can be just as effective!!

The children met together on Christmas Eve, and Tammy helped them practise, which they had a lot of fun doing, if nothing else ;)  On Christmas morning, Tammy helped the children remember their couple of little lines, and remember when to do things like walk to Jerusalem...

...and give your gifts to the baby Jesus :)

It was so much fun, we all loved watching it, the children LOVED doing it, and it brought the real spirit and meaning of Christmas into our home :)

I can't wait for next year!! :)

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  1. They were so cute! I love Jenna holding the baby in her tummy :)
    Fun tradition!