Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Feeling Blue... and Loving It!

We are building a new house.  This year.  If I ever get around to designing it!  Hopefully you'll hear more about that in the future when, .. I actually get something going.  If you don't hear, it might perhaps be tactful not to mention it...

Meanwhile, I enjoy collecting house/interesting photos to be inspired by.  This collection of photos is somewhat blue.

I really like the freshness of blue and white china - often called Delftware.  I also like these white painted window frames and white wall paneling.  The wooden shelf grounds it all beautifully and matches in nicely with the cane baskets.

The House That A-M Built

(I started collecting these pictures before I realised I should be keeping all the links I'm sorry.  Oops!)

French doors are one of my 'top of my wish list' items :)  (The house above in is Brisbane.)

I like this cobalt blue.  And hydrangeas, always.  And I like deep baseboards and the white dado and paneling.   (Don't love the coral, the patterned chair, or the basket cushion.)

This soft blue is pretty too..

Whoever said 'blue and green should never be seen'?  Did they never look outside?

Don't you love this apartment in Paris?  It seems so restful and elegant, with its light-coloured walls, extravagant paneling and high ceiling, and its crisp blue and white colour scheme with touches of pink and green.  I love the rounded shapes of the French provincial furniture - and again, I think the wooden floor and furniture ground all those light colours beautifully. Don't love that little coffee table perhaps. 

Blue and green look so fresh together!

This is one of my favourite-ever house photos.  I love the stonework, the white slip-covers, the black sea chest that grounds all the light colours.  These really beautiful blues - and the 'Something's Gotta Give' striped floor rug.  Of course I realise that there is hardly a house anywhere that does not look its best with the sea in the background - and I think that is probably why I love this room so much.  I wish I could ask our neighbour to paint their white roof blue, since we overlook it  ..  Probably not..  

Spode Fabric      
Spode has such beautiful blues.  I don't think you can get this fabric anymore.  I'd love some of it for cushion and chair covers.                                                                                                                                                                                                         


It seems that Delft-inspired creations are ubiquitous in 2013 .. 

29. carolina herrera bedroom patricia herrera jonathan becker

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 8.28.21 PM

Sweet dress, but did you notice the hair?  I kind of love it!


Late Christmas present anyone?  I'm not sure about those tyres though..


Or these?  I like these.  Possibly I just love anything in cobalt-blue and white.


This wall-paper fooled me.  I think I could live with this in small doses..


These boots are kind of fabulous..


Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 8.21.09 PM


And back to the house, because we're never going to move in if I don't focus!

.. and loving it!



  1. LOL! Loved that mum - such gorgeous photos, and it totally made me laugh when you were sidetracked with the fashion models for a moment there!

    Really, really, (really) can't wait for you to get around to designing the new house... :)

    xo Tammy

  2. Blue is my favourite colour so I'm totally happy to see it all throughout the new house!! I also can't WAIT until that day arrives :) xoxo

    1. And I think that as well as all of the other things, the bike is totally cool!!!