Thursday, January 31, 2013

Newborn Perfection.

So the last couple of weeks of my posts I wrote in advance and scheduled.  The current me hasn't posted for a few weeks.  I've been busy with my perfect new little baby boy :)

One of my lovely friends Alana Aston is a fabulous photographer (literally one of the best around, if not the best), and she took some beautiful newborn photos of our baby boy.  We haven't got them all yet, but she put a few sneak peeks on Facebook for us:

Just look at all that perfection!  

Newborns bring the most perfect little spirit of love into your home!  And it just grows the more you get to know them as you care for them and they grow and grow and grow!! 

Perfection :)

And he has 3 mothers - lucky boy ;)

We are loving being a new little family of 5 - it's been a lot of fun :)

Next week I'll be back - in fact, I've had a hilariously disastrous week that I can share with you - after all, if I don't write it down somewhere I'm bound to forget it, and what's the point of going through all that grief if I can't share it?!  ;) 



  1. Alana is a wonderful photographer but I don't think any photos can do him complete justice. He really is perfect! :)

  2. The photos are so adorable! And Stanley really does have such a loving, peaceful little spirit. He's so sweet!!
    Even though I know a bit about your disastrous week, I still can't wait to read all about it! Lol, will be funny :P xo

  3. Alana's photos are beautiful, yet still, my favourite one is the bottom one. What a beautiful family; each their own and all a part of each other.