Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Little Drama Queen

This little story is from my personal blog on Christmas Eve - the first day of James' official holidays.


James is excited to spend quality time with all of us over the holidays, but he wants especially to spend some special time with Ana, who gets a little shy when she doesn't see enough of someone!!  So this morning she went on an outing to the fruit market and shops with Daddy!! :)  

Here they are all ready to go!! :)  Ana's waving 'goodbye', and James is telling Maggie he's sorry but this time (like, the first time ever for her with James!) she needs to stay home...

They left, and from the little phone conversation we had, it sounds like they're having a lovely time out together! :)

Meanwhile, Maggie has been sitting exactly like this since they left, about an hour ago now.

She won't eat her breakfast, and she is carefully closing her eyes just the right amount and doing little sobs every now and then (with periodic weeping on my shoulder) to express her wallowing state.  Every now and then she chokes out an 'I miss Daddy and Ana so MUCH' between pathetic sobs.  It's very impressive.  She can't touch her food - obviously it's lost all taste.

After I took these pictures - for which she good humouredly faced the camera - she looked at me with a twinkle in her sad little eye and chocked out "Can I see them, Mummy?".  I showed them to her, she grinned for half a second, and exclaimed "Oh Mummy! - She looks so saaad!  That girl is sooooo sad!!!".  I laughed my head off at her delight in her own great dramatic misery, and she allowed herself a cheeky grin or two before getting back into her zone :) 



  1. She is so so so funny! :)

    xo Tammy

  2. That is so funny! I think that she is an awesome sad girl!
    PS - I totally think that you should allow us to be friends on your blog again! xx

    1. LOL Claire!! I can't believe I forgot!! That text is on James' phone - I'll try really, really hard to remember to do it when he's home from work ;) Sorry!! xox

  3. Maggie is so funny! Wait, who does she remind me of... ? :)

  4. I was just going to say the same thing. She looka lot like someone else I knew back in the day just a fairer version

  5. Haha, Maggie is SUCH a drama queen :)

  6. AHAHAHAHA I'm sorry but this cracked me up!
    Your posts about your girls seriously make me laugh! lol