Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother Heart..

Last week, our daughter Ana turned 2.  

Ana has a doll called ‘Jenny’, who she takes extremely good care of.  Especially since we brought our little baby boy home from the hospital, Ana has demonstrated exemplary care of her little baby.  

She feeds Jenny, puts her down for regular naps, cuddles and kisses her, tickles and giggles with her, chats and coos to her, bounces her in our baby bouncer, styles her hair, plays music for her, and holds toys in front of her face to entertain her.  

If Ana’s outside playing, you can be sure that Jenny’s been made comfortable for her absence – I’ll find her napping in our son’s bassinet, sitting in Ana’s high chair in front of a plate of plastic food, or lying in our baby playmate with the music going.  

Every night when we kneel to say Ana’s prayers with her before bed, she gently helps Jenny kneel down beside her, and folds her arms.  Then she holds Jenny’s folded arms carefully with one hand, folds her other hand, bows her head and is ready for prayer.  

Ana loves Jenny.  She takes so much joy in looking after her and meeting her needs.  

Just as naturally as Anamaria’s learned to eat, walk and run in the last 2 years, she’s become a little mama.


  1. Maybe you could teach her to do Jenny's hair.... Bahaha!

    Love her little mother heart. So gorgeous :)


  2. Lol- Tammy! I can't believe you wrote that out loud where Ana can read it one day and feel so terribly hurt at her favourite Auntie's perfidy!

    Like mother, like daughter :)

  3. Ana is sooo adorable. What an absolute sweetheart.
    17 years from now (;P), when she's got her own (real) little baby, you'll be able to see all of this practice made her perfect. She's a natural :)

  4. So sweet, this puts me in mind of me and my dolly, a Tiny Tears called Christine.