Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the church quiet books i have made

This project was a labour of love. It took me 2 years to complete on and off, but I am SO glad that I did it.

The idea came one spring morning, when Jenna our eldest had just turned one. Church meetings can be long for little children, and I decided I wanted to fill that time with 'Gospel' centred activities. I can't remember how or when I got the idea exactly, but I thought a gospel centred quiet book would be great! I was very excited to get started and actually made 2 at once. I knew if I made only one, with the intent to make a second when I had finished, it would never happen. After making it two years later from when I started, I definitely think I was inspired to do both at the same time ... and I'm really glad I listened and did. 

In my head I thought "how hard can it be?", me, being a novice. My mum is a wonderful sewer and has made a trillion dance costumes for me over the years. I opted for a sewing machine for my 21st birthday present from Mum, but didn't put it to use for a while. I made a few little items like cushion covers and pants for Jenna, but the real creativity began with this project. 

Quiet Book

My inspiration for this book came from different quiet books on the internet. Some pages I made up, but most were inspired from a variety of locations. I actually have a quiet book made for me by my aunty when I was a little girl and that too gave me inspiration (it was a general one).  But most of all I hope my quiet book gives you the ideas you need to make your very own quiet book. To watch my kids use it that first Sunday in sacrament just made the whole two year labour of love with the sewing machine worth it. I have even contemplated making more for future niece's and nephews, but I am not making any promises!!


(You can see another home-made quiet book here.)


  1. I enjoyed reading this post :) (I didn't know that you had made some pants for Jenna. I'd love to see them :)
    Isn't it wonderful to get an idea, wonder about it for a while, then work through a planning stage, implement the plan, then enjoy the finished product. It's very satisfying to create :)
    I see how much this quiet book is used and loved by the children in Sacrament meeting, Jessima :)

  2. I actually had fun playing with the quiet book with Jenna and Jordan during Church at Camp :) They know exactly what to do on each page now :)

    xo Tammy