Friday, June 22, 2012


This Blog is the brain-child of Abby, whose invitation for me to be involved was easy to take up, since Abby has a so-far very solid history of producing exceptional children - both real, virtual and otherwise.

I've been told that I can pretty much post whatever I like.  With the proviso that it be related to womanhood, domesticity or creativity.  (And with the understanding that Abs has the administrative authority, quietly  held, to delete whatever she doesn't like!   Fortunately, again given her so-far very solid history of kindness and patience toward her children, I feel encouraged to begin...)

With make-up.

I know - it's not really very 'me'!  But I have a make-up tip for you that may actually be quite helpful.  To your budget and well as functionally:

Us Munro girls tend to use Clinique brand make-up.  The colours seem to match our skin quite well, and strength of habit has kept us loyal customers over the years.  One of the products we regularly use is this face powder:

You have probably noticed yourself that your skin in generally lighter in winter than in summer.  I've also noticed that my skin seems to be lighter as I get older, (probably from less time spent outdoors) - meaning that my usual powder now seems a bit too dark for me.  Not wanting to waste what I had, I thought to add some Johnson's Baby Powder to the make-up, mixing it to a lighter shade.  I wondered if it would make my skin break out or otherwise protest, but after several months I can report that it seems to be working a treat!  By using the darker shade and custom mixing it to the right colour for me, I am making my (somewhat expensive), Clinique powder last about twice as long!   Is this a tip that you can use?

And since I am on a bit of a make-up roll here: If you ever need to cover up a spot/bite/scratch on your arms or legs, you will probably find that you ought to adjust your make-up colours to match that area - often needing to lighten the effect.  After using liquid make-up or a cover stick, your best bet is often to use baby powder on top, which is more likely to blend with your skin colour.  (Does anybody ever do this??)

Last make-up tip for today:  It's been many years since I used a separate blush colour.  Much easier (and always a perfect match), to pat your finger over your newly-applied lip-stick and pat that onto your cheeks.  A good way to apply blush is to pat some colour onto the apple of each cheek, (easy to find when you smile - and nice to smile at yourself in the mirror too, as a bonus to this method :), then extend it toward the top of each ear, then blend.

Should we even bother to wear make-up?  Sure.  I think so.  'Be yourself, but always be your best self!' is a saying that might well apply to the physical just as well as to the spirtitual/emotional, don't you think?

Have a happy day!


  1. I will have to try the baby powder thing mum, lol! Although it's hard to imagine that I could GET any more pale. In fact, I think I already use their lightest powder... :)

    xoxo Tammy

  2. I use baby powder! I think I got it from you :) My skin has been awfully pale lately! :P xo

  3. Never would have thought to do that!!!great tip Mum:)

  4. oooh I like that tip - I will have to tell mum about it, plus I love the tip of the covering up the bite/scratch with concealer and baby powder!