Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why I Love Living On The Gold Coast

(This guest post is by Bethany :)

I grew up in Logan and when I got married we moved to Sydney for my husband's work. After a year in Sydney, we moved back to QLD. We now live on the Gold Coast.

Growing up we'd come to the Gold Coast to visit the beach and everything, but it wasn't a part of our day-to-day lives. When I realised that we'd be living in Robina, my first thought was "What? That's so far away!!" Being further south, I hadn't spent much time in this area growing up and it just seemed like Woop Woop, lol. But I l have to tell you, I love where we live!

Besides being super close to awesome shops, the highway, Uni, hospital, church, beach - anything we could possibly need! - it's a beautiful area. One of the things I love the most though, is being so close to the beach.  Let me list just a few of the reasons for you:


I love the views! I just love the blue of the ocean against the light sand and the green grass and trees, and the clear sky. Combine that with a beautiful breeze and I'm in my happy place :)

These are the exact views I get to see and love:

Place to exercise/walk/swim

To be honest, if we lived somewhere else I probably wouldn't take Hallie for many walks or go for any runs or anything, because I see no appeal in doing that sort of thing around normal streets etc. But all I do is jump in the car, and we go for a walk or run along the beach. Now, I'm not a runner. So for me to do that speaks volumes about the attraction I feel toward running in a beautiful place. I don't even feel as gross and sweaty as I would because the gorgeous sea breezes keep me cool :)

Often, we want to get out as a family but not spend money. So we go for a long stroll along the sand. When Hallie was younger she was quite fussy (sore tummy) and wouldn't settle easily anywhere; she'd just scream the whole time. But when we'd walk along the beach she'd be asleep in her Daddy's arms in 2 seconds. Hallie loves the beach! It's also nice to just be able to spend time together in a beautiful, relaxing setting, chatting while participating in light exercise.

And of course, it's also lovely to swim in the summer :)

I love pushing Hallie on the swings, she just loves it. There are also so many parks along the beach, it's fabulous!

Community Atmosphere

Living here, I'm really loving the lifestyle and the sense of community. Walking along the beach path you see so many different people participating in a range of activities. I see men and women of all ages and sizes walking or running. I see a mother and young daughter riding together on bikes. I see children, even younger than 2, racing along on their scooters while their dad rides a skateboard and keeps an eye on them. I see boyfriends and girlfriends riding bikes or skateboards together. I see old couples walking along with their bright coloured visors. I see people selling strawberries at a stall in the park. I see aged couples, who must live close by, sitting side by side in deck chairs on the grassy hill with coffee mugs and working on a crossword each.

And there are so many organised groups that are free or only cost a few dollars. There are pram groups where all the mums are working out next to their babies in prams, or a couple of the mums stay and look after all the children while the rest all go on a run together etc. Several mornings a week there is free Tai chi. Often I see it when I'm walking along - a man standing on a picnic table with seriously heaps of people following him and learning Tai chi. Even as I watch I notice some people just randomly move off the path, park their bikes and join in. I haven't yet tried it but it's just so cool to see!!

All of these things just fill me with a real sense of community spirit. I really feel like I'm part of something when I'm there. It's a happy atmosphere - nobody walks along with a frown or looking moody, everybody is enjoying themselves - and it lifts me for the day :)

This is the guy doing the Tai chi:

Free "Yoga by the Sea" on Saturday mornings:

Anyway, they are just a few of the reasons I love the Gold Coast and love living here. It really is beautiful and I think you should all come visit! :P You'll feel part of the friendly community and love the sun on your face :)


  1. Starting at the first photo and moving past each of them, this is exactly the walk we took together! It makes me feel like I was back there again with you :)

  2. Im coming to visit later this week
    lets go beach I havent been in weeks and weeks and weeks!

    this is of course if you are free later this week ... but of course you are!!!

  3. We live in the UK but while visiting Australia last year we were lucky enough to spend a few days on the Gold Coast. Thanks so much for sharing the 'photos, Hallie is adorable. Our two little granddaughters Zoe Rose (aged 2) and Lilly Grace (nearly 1) live in Adelaide with their mummy and daddy (our son).

  4. The Gold Coast just feels like holiday mode and you can't fault the beaches, plenty of things to do, love Pacific Fair.

  5. Oh u make me miss the coast so much.. We are in Logan and even just that 40minute drive makes all the difference.. Hopefully we will be living back down there some day soon. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hi....Your pictures are amazing and it makes me very grateful that I live in such an idyllic piece of paradise. I thought you might want to add to your gorgeous pictures of the Gold Coast and see what it looks like from high above in a hot air balloon. We have some great pictures and videos of both the coast and the hinterland. Feel free to pop by. www.balloonaloft.net