Thursday, November 29, 2012


2-year-old Maggie's appetite fluctuates, and some mornings she'll eat up to 7 (!!!) Weet-Bix for breakfast, while at other times, 2 is more than enough.  So these days, even if she asks for more, I always start her with 2, and then give her more, 1 at a time as she asks for them.  Still, sometimes she asks for another, and doesn't eat it all, and it's such a waste!!

Lately, she's been eating her 2, then a 3rd, and then asking for a 4th and only eating half of it, so the last couple of days when she's asked for a 4th, I've said 'No'. 

Also, she's been complaining about having milk in her Weet Bix.  When she asks for her 3rd, she says "No milk! No milk!!  Nnooooo!!!!" and gets upset at me putting milk in, though I've tried to tell her it's practically impossible to eat without milk on it.

This morning, she asked for her 3rd, and then her 4th.  When she asked for her 4th I said 'No', but she begged and begged, so I said she could have a 4th, but she HAD to sit up until she ate ALL of it - was that okay? "Yes, I will eat it all up!"  I told her in about 5 different ways that she'd be sitting there till she ate the whole thing, and she agreed, so I gave her the 4th.  When I was about to put the milk in, she started begging to not have any milk in it.  So I said 'Okay, no milk then - but remember you have to eat the whole thing'.  I crunched up the Weet-Bix so she'd be able to get it on her spoon without milk, and handed her the bowl.  She looked at it for aaages, then looked up at me and said "Oh.  no milk."  "That's right!"  I said, "Just like you asked!  Are you sure you don't want any milk??" and she looked at it for ages again, before saying slowly "Nooo... no milk".  She looked devastated, and so obviously really wanted milk, but her 2 year old pride wouldn't budge ... bahahahahaha.

She sat there and painfully downed most of the dry Weet-Bix, while I delightedly cleared up Ana and my breakfast things.  When I was putting the milk back in the fridge Maggie freaked out again and said "No! - Don't put the milk away!!!" and I said "Why?  Would you like some??" but she still wouldn't budge :)

Finally, she said "Finished, Mummy!!" and I asked her if she'd eaten it all, and she slowly said 'Nooo...' and looked sadly down at the remaining dry Weet-Bix (I was impressed at how much she'd gotten through!!).  I asked her again if she'd like some milk to finish it and she said "No".

A few minutes later, she said, "Mummy you can if you want" and I asked "Want to what?" and she said "You can if you want, Mummy" and I said "What can I do?" and she said "You can put the milk in there".  I said "I don't want to, unless you want me to??" - silence. 

Another couple of minutes later I finally heard "Mummy?  Can I please have some milk" :)  Bahahahaha.  So I put some milk in there and she was done in 2 minutes.  I cleaned her up and she asked me for a drink of water, poor girl :)

Hopefully she's had enough of the milk fight.

A while ago Maggie started freaking out every time I cleaned her ears and nose with cotton-tips.  She started throwing a tantrum and saying "No it hurts! No!!!!" every time I cleaned her up after her bath.  One day I got her out of the bath, and we were in such a hurry that I rushed through and didn't cotton tip her ears.  When I said I was done, she froze and exclaimed "No Mummy!  My ears!  Clean my ears!!!!" and she never complained again lol - the things this girl does for kicks! :)


  1. This story STILL makes me laugh! SO funny :)

    xo Tammy

  2. Where DOES this contrary attitude come from?? :) I love the ear-cleaning story! :)

    When I was young I refused to eat my dinner one night and even said (very unkindly) that I would rather eat dirt! Ok then, my mother said. So I went to the back yard and brought back a bowl of the tastiest-looking dirt I could find, and sat up at the table and began to eat it. My mother had enough of it before I did and let me leave what was left :)