Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Musings - I'm Thankful For Australia!

The States have just enjoyed Thanksgiving Day - which we don't celebrate in Australia.  But that doesn't stop us from being thankful too of course - and in lieu of a long list I'd like to highlight just one thing..

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I recently heard an Australian politician give a radio interview in which he spoke about some of his experiences while travelling through China for trade talks.  It was a fairly casual interview; the politician was cheerful and relaxed.  He told of meeting a young boy of about ten years old and telling him that he had come from Australia.  Through the language barrier the man finally realised that the boy was saying, excitedly, "Blue sky!  Blue sky!!"  "Yes, yes!"  he answered, "Australia has blue sky."  


He wondered why that seemed to be a big deal.  It was true that the Chinese sky where they were that day was an unattractive whitish grey, but surely they had beautiful blue skies occasionally too?  "No," he was told.  In all of his ten years the boy had never seen a blue sky outside of photographs!  The politician thought the boy must be exaggerating and he asked some of his Chinese confederates for clarification.  It was correct.  In that city, there was no blue sky.  Can you imagine?

Ayres Rock....middle of Australia.

I've traveled through the middle of Australia, where the sky is so big and so wide that I'm left without words to describe the wonder of it.  I've gazed at a blue horizon over a blue ocean and been unable to say where the ocean ends and the sky begins.  I've looked at a blue sky almost every day of every week for all my life.  I live in Queensland where the tourist slogan boasts, 'Beautiful one day, perfect the next!'   And it is :)

So I am grateful for blue sky!  :)

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  1. I am also grateful for blue skies!!! It would be sooo depressing living under dreary grey skies all the time!! I love Australia! :)

  2. I love our blue skies too!!
    Goodness I can't imagine not having blue skies! That's crazy. I feel so down whenever the sky is overcast and dreary. I would probably be a little ball of misery if that was what my whole life was like.
    I'm very grateful that Hallie can know a blue sky and our lovely country :)