Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello? Is anybody there?

I like to dedicate this post to the 3,247 people who have apparently viewed our blog this month...  (or perhaps to the 18 people who've each viewed the blog 180 times in the this month):

Hello? Are you really out there? Or are our google stats lying to us?

Did we really for example, have just in this last week, visits from South Korea, Sri Lanka, Germany, India, the Ukraine, 6 visits from Ireland, 8 from Canada, 12 each from the Ukraine and New Zealand, 10 from Israel, 9 from Russia, 14 from the UK, 74 from Spain (hey Spain!), 202 from the USA and 363 from Australia?

And have 93 people really already viewed this blog today? Even though the day has barely started?!

I ask again, Google Stats: Are you sure you're not just having us on? Because we're finding it a little hard to believe that we have such a faithful international following!  You see, very few of these people seem to commenting on the blog...

LOL! Okay, so you've got me. This is really just a shameless plug for more comments :)
But since we're going with the 'shameless plug' thing, why don't the 3,247 of you just humour me, and post a smiley face in the comments section... just so we know that you're really there...
We'd love to know who we're writing to each day :)

PS.  Love you guys!
PPS. If you exist.....


  1. Tam, when the stats say 'today' they mean the last 24 hours...



    1. Yes, I know. But those of us in the Southern Hemisphere have been sleeping... right?! :)

  2. I love you guys!! I am your faithful follower.. xoxo

  3. There will always be more blog stalkers than comment-ers! Maybe if you offered them chocolate.... :)

  4. Lauren said chocolate - so I'll admit that I'm a stalker!! :) xo

  5. Meeeee! :) I'm a secret admirer of your blog! I LOVE the updates and stories and handy tips and inspirations! So thank you :):) I pm'ed you the other day saying that all things computer seemed to be tied to Mikes account and that i didn't think he would love having his name next to all my girlie comments. Lol.
    Love ya's, Alex Mc xo