Thursday, February 28, 2013

From the Mouths of Babes...

Children learning to talk = some pretty funny/random conversations :)  Here are some from Maggie over the past few months.  It's so funny to hear what they've picked up and their (sometimes a little warped) understandings of things!! :)

Maggie:  Daddy I play with the boys!
James:  Oh, are you too fast for the girls?
Maggie:  Mmm...
James:  Were the girls princesses?
Maggie:  No, daddy!  They not princesses! - They wearing jeans!!!

Abby:  Thankyou so much, Maggie!
Maggie: (patting my arm) Great manners, Mummy!!

Ana brought me Maggie's red baseball cap with Elmo on it, and I put it on for her.
Maggie:  Oh, Mummy look!  Ana's a man!  Ana's a man!!

(this next one was during the 'toilet training' phase - hence my urgency with the 'answer me!!' lol)
Maggie (in the back seat of the car): Mummy! my botton!
Abby:  What's wrong with your bottom?
Abby:  Maggie?!  Do you need to go to the toilet?!  We can stop at a toilet if you need one??
Abby:  Is your bottom sore?!  Maggie, are you okay?  Answer me!  Do we need to stop at a toilet?
Maggie:  It's okay.
Abby:  Are you sure?
Maggie:  Yes.  My botton okay....  My botton is very happy, Mummy! :)

Maggie:  Mummy, look!  My knees!
Abby:  Oh, yes, what about them?
Maggie:  My knees so happy! :) 
Abby:  That's great, Maggie!
Maggie:  Yeah, they mucking around... (walks off)

Maggie: (as James ran into the shops and the girls and I waited in the car):  Daddy!  Don't go!!!  Oh Mummy, I wanted to speak with him!!

Maggie (singing along to 'Dancing in the moonlight'):  Danc-ing in the mirror!!

This morning I had told Maggie to leave a tube of Paw Paw Ointment that was on James' bedside.  I told her she wasn't to touch it.  I thought she and Ana were playing in her room just now, but when I went to check on them, only Ana was there! - I turned around to see where Maggie was, and I found her in our room, covered in a now half-empty tube of Paw Paw Ointment.  Once she was cleaned up, I sat her out in the lounge room and we talked about what she had done.  
Abby:  Maggie, you did the wrong thing by going back in and playing with that ointment.
Maggie: Mummy, you gave me no choice!  (shaking her head) You gave me no choice, Mummy.

Abby:  Guess what, Maggie?!  It's Mummy's birthday tomorow!
Maggie: (waving her hands in front of her) No, no, no, no, no.  No, Mummy - it's Aunty Bethy's birthday tomorow.
Abby: *pause*... um... no.  It's my birthday.
Maggie:  Then it's Hallie's birthday.  It's not your birthday

Mummy:  The baby in my tummy is a boy, like Daddy!
Maggie:  No, Daddy’s not a boy.  He’s a big man king!
James:  Yes, but I started out as a little boy.  And the little brother in Mummy’s tummy is a little tiny boy, but when he grows up like Daddy, he’ll be a big man king too!  And you’re a little girl, -
Maggie: No I’m a big girl.
James:  Well, sort of.  You’re a big girl, and when you grow up, you’ll be a queen just like Mummy!
Maggie: (gasp!) – and I’ll get to wear earrings!!

Maggie:  Mummy I love you SO MUCH!!!
Abby:  Maggie I love YOU so much!! And Ana I love YOU so much!!!
Maggie:  You love Maggie Girl and Ana Banana?
Abby:  Yes, my two beautiful girls :)
Maggie:  Mummy we not beautiful.
Abby:  Of course you are.
Maggie:  But we wearing pyjamas.
Abby:  You're still beautiful.
Maggie:  But they pants, Mummy.
Abby:  You're still beautiful.
Maggie:  MUMMY! We NOT beautiful!  We wearing PANTS!!!!
Abby:  Honey it doesn't matter what you're wearing!
Maggie:  We wearing pants.
(5 minutes later, Maggie still muttering)
Maggie:  We wearing pyjamas... we are not beautiful... they pants!

Me: (serenading to the girls while they were eating their breakfast)
Maggie:  Mummy! Please stop singing - we're trying to eat!

(Maggie pushing buttons on my 'locked' phone)
Abby:  What are you doing there, Maggie?
Maggie:  Just texting.
Abby:  Oh!  Who are you texting??
Maggie:  Aunty Tammy.
Abby:  Oh... how is she?
Maggie:  She's good.

James (pointing to my very 'outie' belly button when Maggie was snuggling my belly/her brother):  Maggie, what's that??
Maggie:  That's Baby Brother's finger!! :)

Maggie and Ana run out of Maggie's room together - Maggie over-acting scared, Ana obviously thrilled and giggly...
Maggie:  Mummy!!! There's a monster in my room!! The monster tried to get Ana and Maggie!!!
Ana:  (giggle)
Abby:  What did you do?!
Maggie:  We ran away!!!  But when Daddy comes home, he will get it, Mummy!  He will save us!!
Ana:  Daddy! :)
Abby:  Yes dear, Daddy always saves us.
Maggie:  'Cause he's the man!!! :)  

Me: sitting at the breakfast table with my head down, exhausted after no sleep (thanks, SJ), enjoying closing my eyes and not being on my feet for a few minutes...
Maggie:  Mummy, what's wrong?!
Me: (startled out of my doze) Oh!  Nothing, honey.  I'm just a bit tired.  Cause the baby needs to wake up at night and eat some food, and I just -
Maggie:  No, Mummy.  I will say "Mummy, what's wrong?!" and you will say "Nothing, Maggie!", okay?
Me:..... um.. okay...
Maggie:  Mummy, what's wrong?!
Me:  Nothing, Maggie!
Maggie:  That's great! :) (smiles sweetly at me, then goes back to eating her breakfast).

Maggie (very seriously, holding my face in her hands):  Mummy, I love your eyebrows.
Me: Oh... thankyou.
Maggie:  They look very cute on you.



  1. I'm cracking up!
    She's just one of a kind!

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL! and seriously hilarious! :)

  3. Hahahaha, Maggie cracks me up! I love hearing her talk and use her grown up conversation skills :P When Ana develops more of a vocabulary, it will be hilarious to listen to their conversations together :P
    PS. Maggie, NOW it's my birthday!! (But I'm cool with celebrating it twice :D)

  4. Through the eyes of Maggie is always interesting, and frequently very funny! I'm with Betts - I look forward to the conversations you are going to overhear between them as time goes on :)