Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Big Sister: The Grand, High Witch!

One of the many childhood stories that have made it into our family memory vault of fame, is the one where my lovely big sister (Tammy) took me into her room and successfully convinced me she was The Grand, High Witch - from Roald Dahl's The Witches.  What can I say?  She was THAT convincing!  And she had that poem ("Down vith children...!"), down, by heart.

I recently walked in on a scene between Maggie and Ana which evoked the memory of that childhood moment.. 

I just started writing it out, and realised I already wrote it on my family blog back when it happened, so here's a copy+paste from that :)

The Tiger is Coming to GET YOU!!!

This made me laugh so much the other day - I walked into the living area after feeding Stanley-James and Ana was holding her doll Jenny, hiding in the corner of the room behind the couch and the floor cushion.

Why was she hiding you ask?

Across the room, Maggie was standing on a chair, and with great authority and enthusiasm she was admonishing Ana and Jenny to stay there at any cost, because 'The tiger is coming to GET YOU!!!!'


Maggie's speech went on for quite some time...

...and Ana obediently sat in the corner, cuddling her doll.


I'm getting a little bit of 'Grand High Witch' de javu, Tammy.... :)


  1. And one day, you'll walk in on Ana, trying to tell Stanley that the tiger is coming to get him, and you'll hear Stanley reply 'get real Ana'


    Then you'll know the cycle is really complete :)


  2. Haha, for anybody who wants to know the end of that story (which Abby conveniently left out), years later Tammy walked past mine and Abby's bedroom where she heard Abby trying desperately to convince me, her younger sister, that she was indeed the Grand High Witch!
    Unfortunately I'm a lot less gullible and less easily scared because I apparently just said 'Get real Abby' and continued with my drawing or whatever I was doing.
    Abby expected that I should be cowering in the corner, like she had done :P
    I love the photos though Abs! Ana is hilariously cute and compliant and Maggie loves the power haha.

  3. Haha - The power of an older sibling!

  4. awww, she looks soo cute hiding in the corner! I never had any siblings but had a friend who pretty much convinced me that she could see ghosts!

  5. I want to say 'how sweet' but I feel that's a little mean to Ana! It is adorable though..