Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What friends do best

I'll start with the sob story:  I've had a hard week this week (*sob*). A lot of things have just happened at once and I've been feeling stretched thin, completely overwhelmed, and completely aware that I'm failing in almost every way possible. I've also become aware of some areas I need to do better in, and some faults I didn't realize I had (which obviously now have to be fixed), and have been trying to understand and learn how to manage things like the trooper I'd like to be.

At times like this, as things reach a tipping point (aka. low point), I find myself becoming just a little more fervent in my prayers (pleas!) for help to find the strength to keep going and to actually start managing life like a normal (non crazy) person. 

Anyway - here's the lovely part of the story: Right at the tipping point, I was blessed by wonderful friends who have really buoyed and lifted me up, and it's obvious that Heavenly Father has answered my prayers through them.  A friend brought me a little package on Friday night (as we met to go out for her birthday) which really meant a lot to me. Another friend left some flowers for me on Monday afternoon - which are so beautiful and are lighting up my room and my heart. I received some answers and some needed TLC and wisdom from Mum in a couple of phone calls yesterday.  A wonderful and also wise friend gave me some straight advice with some much felt kindness through a series of emails yesterday (and I know how busy she is at work).  And when I left my room to start the day at 5:30am this morning, there was a sign outside my room, left by my 3 roommates, instructing me to check the fridge because they'd left me breakfast.  They'd cleared off a shelf so I wouldn't miss it, and had made some pancakes, boiled some eggs, put half a banana in a bag, and made a raspberry smoothie for me - all decorated with pretty flowers. Such a surprise, and such a well needed boost to my spirits (and my stomach!). 

The really lovely part, to me, is that each of them only knew that I needed the pick me up because they had noticed a slightly harried expression as I ran past, or had taken the time to ask the right questions.  Or perhaps they just followed a prompting.  I know I've sometimes been the person who does something little and nice for someone who's having a hard time, but I don't think I really appreciate just how much those little gestures can mean until I'm suddenly on the receiving end of them.  Because they sure mean a lot.

So thank you friends, for being on the Lord's errand. I'm thinking I can maybe make it through today without a flood of tears - which would be a nice change!  How wonderful it is to have the blessing of being and having friends.

xo Tammy

PS.  PLUS tonight I get to hang out with my wonderful sister/friend for her birthday.  And if there's a kinder, nicer person then her, I don't think I know them.  Am excited to see her :)


  1. I'm sorry things haven't been so great for you lately!

    Sounds like we need another girls night!!

    Hope you had a great night!!!!

  2. Awww, I'm so sorry you've had such a hard week :( So lovely that you have such amazingly lovely people around you to cheer you up and show their love for you!!
    You are definitely one of those people who I can always count on to cheer me up when I need it and show me unconditional love :)

    I LOVE hanging out with you too Tam!! I always have the best times :) xoxo