Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have 4 wonderful sisters (such a lucky girl!), and last night I got to hang out in Brisbane with this sister for a few hours.

We went to Southbank, rode the Ferris Wheel, went for a walk, had some dinner, and then went to see the play “Driving Miss Daisy”.   (Both activities we enjoyed.)

Watch the preview video

Bethany’s great.  She’s sweet and kind and funny and interesting, and I think there’s a lovely mix of wisdom in there too.  She's also a great little wife and mother, and I love to hear about the things that are going on in her life and the things that she's doing. I’m very proud of the way she’s grown up, and the woman she’s become.

Thank you so much for making the drive and taking the time to hang out Bethany!


(Note  - Yes, we've been a bit mixed up with our Blog posts lately!  Lots of things going on (you can read a bit about what Abby's been having fun with tomorrow :)  We'll be more back to the usual next week. - S.)

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  1. Thank you for taking me out Tam!! I had such a great time. I just love hanging out with you :)
    And under your tuition, could I BE any more cultured?? Hahahaha.

    I loved the play, loved the ferris wheel, loved the dinner and loved the walking and driving with you.
    You are one of my favourite people and thank you for saying those sweet things ..even if they can only be truly said of me because you no longer have to live with me lol :D