Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An Award and Random Facts About Us

We had a lovely surprise yesterday when we realised that Nina from the Blog 'Nothing' had so kindly nominated our Blog for an award.   Thank you Nina!

(If you click on the icon it will take you to Nina's Blog, or you can click here to go to Nina's photography Blog, which has some really beautiful images :)  

I'm a titch clueless about the whole experience of being nominated for an award.  (I'm guessing there is no grand outing where a grand outfit is required - for which I am truly very grateful :)  Fortunately, Nina wrote in her post that her rules are simple:  

1. Just grab the button

2. and take a nice holiday!

We can do that  :)   As it also seems customary to add in some random facts about yourself, I emailed Tammy and Abby to each send 5 random facts about themselves.  Then I added a few random facts on the end of each of their lists too, because I could.  :)


1. I have played the piano forever and love to find ways and opportunities to play.

2. Couldn't be described as 'the outdoorsy type' - but love the odd adventure, from parasailing, snorkling and sailing in Mexico, to jeep-ing in the Rocky Mountains - to four-wheeling and Jet boating here in Oz.  (When not being 'adventure Tammy' however, you'll probably find me inside.... in the air conditioning...)

3. Have been to Japan, but only if you count 5 hours in an airport.... twice...

4. Have been working on the same cross-stitch for over a decade and have plans to finish the pattern one day in the next 2 decades. Fairly certain time will prove me a master cross-stitcher, though perhaps the kind who has a procrastination problem.

5. Am the kind of chocoholic who would probably kill the 'only other person on the island' for 'the last chocolate bar'... Well... if killing wasn't wrong..... but since it is, I'd probably just talk them crazy till they handed it over.

6.  Tammy has a lovely singing voice, and has sung back-up in concert for performers Barry Manilow, Michael Crawford and Christine Anu, among others.

7.  Tammy won an international feature writing competition for the New Era magazine when she was in high school.

8.  Tammy was asked to represent her school in a newspaper feature when she was in grade 6.


1. I play the viola - it's like a cross between a violin and a cello...  and I love it :)

2.  Two of my toes on each foot are webbed almost to the top! - No, this doesn't make me a fast swimmer. I'm probably one of the slowest swimmers you'll ever meet!

3.  I've always wanted seven children.

4.  My hair is naturally excessively frizzy and curly.  Everyone who grew up with me knows this, but people who've only known my since hair straighteners were invented at the end of high school thinks it's straight, because it's pretty much always straightened.  I get a kick out of people identifying Maggie's frizzy hair with James, and thinking Ana gets her straight hair from me :)  (We have no idea where Ana gets her straight hair from?! :))

5.  I have a phobia of dogs.  I want only the best for dogs - I think they're beautiful creatures, I just get uncontrollably frightened when they're close to me... and there's no big gate between us...  At this point I get crazy strength and can do things like leap into trees, on top of random cars and climb up brick walls in my terrified panic.

6.  Abby was 'Head Cheerleader' in high school  She was kind of the classic popular, blonde and bubbly cheerleader, (except that she was also on a full academic scholarship... something that she never let get in the way of her having fun at school :)

7.  When she was growing up, Abby had the eccentric habit of dressing herself rather oddly at times - pajamas on backwards and inside out, for example.  When she cleaned out her room, her body would gradually take on most of what was being tidied: a wide ribbon was tied around her neck in a big bow; scarves would become leg or head ornaments, etc. Interesting.  We really should have taken more photographs..

8.  Abby was so cute when she was little that people would frequently comment on it when we were out and about.  Her dad got into the habit of sometimes telling them that we feed her cute pills every morning.  (What else can you say?)  One lady's response: "I think you've overdosed her!"

And me

I already wrote a long list of random facts about me here..  But here are a few quick additions:

1.  I saw 'Les Miserables',' Lincoln' and 'Argo' this year - and I can't think of any valid reason for giving the Best Picture award to Argo!   Can you?

2.  Growing up, I used to daydream in great detail about spending a few months staying with and getting to know the Bronte sisters. (It would be interesting to know if anyone else did/does this? :)

3.  I always remember that Mother Theresa died the same week as Princess Diana - and I think Mother Theresa deserved the greater notice.  (I know it's unpopular to say that, I'm sorry.)

4.  I don't like the term, 'dobber'.  I don't have a problem with somebody, including myself, getting into trouble for doing the wrong thing.

5. Without wanting to sound morbid, death has never been a terrible concept to me.  I'm ok with it.  For me that is - not so much for my family! :)

Well, there you have us.  If you would like to leave a comment, would you please also write 1-8 random facts about yourself?  We'd really be interested, and, as they say, 'fair's fair!' :)


  1. 1. I have the most awesome mum and sisters in the whole wide world ;) ;)

    2. I like to eat chocolate slowly and savour it. A habit that has earned me nicknames like 'Rat' and 'Nibbler' over the years :P Abby always particularly hated this habit...maybe a bit of an incentive to keep it up. lol (never! :P)

    3. I love watching dance performances. Especially beautiful dance pieces. Dancing was always one of my dream talents, along with being able to sing and draw really well :)

    4. I have a husband, Robbie, and a totally sweet daughter, Hallie.

    5. If I could survive off it and it wouldn't kill me (ah, for a perfect world) I'd eat ice-cream very every meal.

    6. I have a phobia of spiders and sharks. I freak out when shows like Survivor show a close up of a spider (I'm shuddering now). And I think the worst way to die would be a shark attack. I can't watch documentaries or anything on them. There's a reason I only ever go chest-deep into the water at the beach - and that's on a particularly courageous day and if there are lots and lots of people :) I can't even going into a swimming pool on my own or with less than 3 people, even though I know that of course there are no sharks in there :P

    1. And yes:
      - I'm always impressed with Tammy's adventuring.
      - I think it's hilarious that Maggie got Abby's hair, NOT James', contrary to popular belief.
      - I can't imagine any other school-age child in the world daydreaming about spending time with the Bronte sisters. Lol, you crack me up Mum! (I used to dream that I won heaps of money and bought lots of Furbys and stickers and chocolate for everybody I knew).

      And congratulations on the nomination! I still don't 100% understand what it means, but good work, yay!! :) :) xoxoxoxo

  2. Thank you so much Sandra for posting this!

    I love the piano too. Only, I cannot play :D
    I would be the one with the last chocolate bar on the island. I always save the best for the last and mostly end up sharing it with the others who have already eaten their share :(

    OMG, Abby is sooo cute!!
    oh no, did I just say that aloud? LOL
    I share Abby's phobia for dogs!

    Sandra, I was surprised reading point No 3. I thought I was the ONLY person on God's green earth who thought Mother Theresa deserved better !!
    Death always intrigues me. I spend days thinking about a dead person(even if I don't know them personally).