Monday, March 25, 2013

"No Arms, No Legs, No Worries Mate!"

Nick Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia and grew up in Brisbane.  He was born without limbs..

Nick Vijicic as a child..... <3

..except for two small feet and two toes on his left foot.  He types 45 words a minute, and also taught himself to throw balls, play drums, brush his teeth, comb his hair, shave, answer the phone...  and do quite a lot of things many people don't ever try...

After being elected school captain of MacGregor State Highschool, in Queensland, he went on to earn a double degree in accounting and financial planning from Griffith University.  Since then he has become a very popular author and motivation speaker.  But most of all..

.. he's a funny, genuinely likable, down-to-earth, very happy, very Australian kind of guy.  (After back-flipping off the diving board into the pool he surfaces and cries, "I can't feel my legs!" :)  Who..

..recently married a beautiful girl..

..and had a beautiful baby boy.

Nick Vujicic with his baby

But these few words do no justice to Nick.  If you'd like to smile and be inspired this lovely Monday morning, I'd suggest that if you haven't already seen it, you take a few minutes to watch this news story interview with Nick and his wife.  Then... this short film, starring Nick Vujicic, called 'The Butterfly Circus'.  It's beautiful.  This one might make you cry though.  


  1. Wow that's incredible!! Just watched the interview but didn't manage the video - have to go and 'be mum', but wow! I can't imagine...!!

  2. I seen this guy on something before and was astounded! I'm going to go watch the clips. It's so very inspiring. It really is an example of 'life is what you make of it'.
    An extremely impressive, inspiring man!!

  3. What an inspiration he is.

    Makes me feel ashamed to complain about the trivial things I do complain about.

    1. I agree Michelle. I want to complain on his behalf, but he seems to have gotten over it! I love his good cheer and happy laugh!

  4. Such an inspiring story, thanks for sharing it. Like Michelle it makes me feel ashamed and yet I also feel grateful in equal measures.

  5. Brilliant man. I had the privilege of listening to him speak at church. He is so obviously filled with Christ - He just emanates joy!