Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My hair's emotional issues

About a year ago, my beautiful curly hair (I used to call it unruly rather than beautiful, but with a sorrowful sense of nostalgia, ‘beautiful’ is how it will ever after be described) stopped being quite so curly.  At first it was just the patch of hair on the right hand side of my face that seemed to be dropping its curls and becoming ‘wavy’ rather than curly.  Then the rest of my hair became ‘wavy’ rather than curly.  And then the patch on the right hand side of my face actually became ‘straight’. And then suddenly, my whole head of hair was straight!

How very odd!  My hair straightener had broken, but I haven’t needed to get a new one!  I still blow dry it most days (so it doesn’t look quite so unruly and ‘un-done’), but there’s no curl to ‘straighten’ anymore. I used to wear it about 50% curly and 50% straight, but these days, it’s 100% limp, straight, and boring!

I’m learning to deal with it *sob* and It’s been *sniff* really hard (though probably not paralysed for life, third world hunger, kind of hard).  But I’m finding it very difficult to make my peace with this horrible hole in my life without having the answer to this one simply question:  WHY?!!

Now, mum’s initial theory was that I’ve killed my hair with hair drying and straightening.  Mum’s theory has received some support through my extensive googling on the subject.  But I’ve been using good hair products and I’ve never used a hair dryer or a straightener for very long (and I don’t use a straightener at all any more) so….

My sister Abby has a slightly stranger (although also Google supported, lol!) theory that has something to do with our hair changing every 7 years.  Apparently it will change again in another 7 years so I guess I’ve got my fingers crossed for the curls to come back…

Lots of talk on Google is around pregnancy and having babies, and many people’s curly hair apparently straightens around these times… but since I’ve been neither pregnant nor given birth…

So that brings me to my theory.  After extensive googling, and in conjunction with the above theories, here’s what the medical and hairdressing industries overwhelmingly seem to have to say about my ‘issue’:

         -   I’m not alone.  This happens to a lot of women.
         -   It’s hormones….. We think… We don’t know why or how…. But it’s definitely got to be hormones…. We think.

*sigh* so it seems to come down to the fact that my hair is a tad emotionally unstable these days, with hormone imbalances and incomprehensible ‘issues’.  And it’s really messing up my fashion sense and my ability to try on different looks depending on my moods. Which is in turn making me a tad emotionally unstable.

Oh well, at least I’m not ‘alone’, right?  Maybe I should start some kind of group therapy support group for fellow sufferers.

And our emotional hair....

xo Tammy


  1. I feel your pain!!!
    I used to wear my hair down a lot because it just sat nicely. I'd wash it and then brush it and then it would look nice and I would wear it down.

    But over the last 1.5-2 years it's developed kinks. I wash it, and then brush it, and no matter how hard I try to not mess it up, there will always be a big kink halfway down my hair.

    The only way to fix it is to obviously blow dry or straighten my hair and seeings as I can never be bothered doing that and always avoid it, I now only ever wear my hair in ponytails. Which is nowhere near as pretty as wearing it down. *sigh*

    So while we seem to have opposite problems (you miss having to straighten and I hate the fact that now I do) we can join that support group together :) xoxo

  2. Beam me up too, Scotty! You KNOW my hair has always deserved to be in some 'kind of group therapy support group' - I've already paid the dues through all these years of unruly-ness and 'boring'. And Bethy is going to be there too, so it'll be a fun party. Hot chocolates all round?

  3. I always complain about my curls, but I'd be devastated if that happened to me. My condolences on the loss of your curls :(

  4. This post made me a little sad, because it reminded me that I too, am in mourning. Maybe I lost my curls at the same time because mine were sympathetic to your hair's emotional plight?! Or maybe you lost yours because they were sympathetic to my post-pregnant curl loss?? Or maybe our 7 years was up and both of us just lost our curls? Sigh, but whatever the reason, I REALLY MISS OUR CURLS, and I'm really hoping they come back one day!! Remember I cut mine really short a year ago to try to get back my 'bounce' but it didn't work :( Kellie - you are so luckky to have yours intact!!! Hot chocolates sound good Mum - and maybe if we have this support group our hair will all go back the way we wish it still was?!! :)

    1. ..Or maybe they went away after being unappreciated and tortured out of existence with electrical appliances for so many years.. Just sayin'! :)

      Lets have cake too :)


  5. I have very straight hair. I always wanted curls..
    But wait, all I have to do is just wait 7 years for my hair to magically start curling?!? cool!