Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm Not Dead Yet... !!!

(Today's 'WOW, DUDE!!!' award goes to John Lowe.  There are lots of exclamation points in this post!!!!)

Slowing down in your old age?

Or even your young age?

Not John Lowe, who at 91 years of age, is reputedly Britain's oldest living professional ballet dancer.  Which isn't bad when you consider that he only took up ballet at age 79, and landed his first starring role in a ballet at age 88!

What was I doing, I wondered, the year that John bought a house at age 80 and installed a wooden floor, (himself!), so that he could roller-skate!?   Then DIY'ed himself a ballet bar and a trapeze..  !

..  That was the year 2000.. 13 years ago..  Ok, so I was busy juggling the demands of seven children age 8 to 18, so not too lazy that year.  But what am I doing now, and what am I going to be doing at age 80 - and age 91?  To be honest, I'm not even expecting to live that long!  And I have certainly never imagined that I might be starring on stage in a ballet if I did.

But just look at John Lowe's happy face ...

Flying high: John Lowe is full of enthusiasm as he shows off ballet moves he has mastered at the ripe old age of 91

Bravo: At 91 John Lowe built his own trapeze and has three ballet classes a week, although he admits he can't jump as high as some younger students

People sometimes observe that we again become childlike when we age.  I think they are usually referring to having no hair or teeth and needing lots of care.

John Lowe seems to have instead embraced the great wonder and joy of childhood: excited, enthusiastic delight in the practice and perfection of new accomplishments.   He's such an inspiration, but is his an example that I can follow?  Is it already too late to claw my way back from encroaching decrepitude? 

One thing that does seem very clear: John Lowe looks like he is having an awful lot of fun!! 

Impressive: John Lowe's teacher said if he had started dancing 20 years ago he could have had a career in the ballet


  1. Blimey!

    I know people in there 50's that John would run rings around. Good for him.

    Keeping active with a good attitude, I like his style.

    1. I am one of those people, Michelle, I'm sorry to say. But I love that he's such a great example of an alternative way to get older :)

  2. Impressive!! He looks very pleased and like he's loving life! :)