Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cramming in the 'Wonderful'

I had the day off work yesterday to attend the funeral of a wonderful man.  He was the kind of truly inspiring person who spent his entire life serving others, and the outpouring of love and the number of people who turned up to the funeral spoke volumes of the life he's lived.  He was relatively young (only in his 50s), but he sure managed to cram so much 'wonderful' into those fifty-something years.

I actually left the funeral feeling inspired.  Life is short, it really is.  And there  just isn't time to wallow in self pity, or continue in bad habits  or stay in situations that make you unhappy.  There's only so much time to spend with your loved ones, and there is so much good we can all do and so many people to help and lives to touch.  But if we don't 'do it on purpose', I feel like we'll get to the end of our lives and realize that we haven't actually done much of anything.

So this is just a short thought really (and it's probably directed primarily at myself), but I felt encouraged to live life a little more 'on purpose'.  To be stricter with myself about letting go of baggage and taking my time to get around to things. To waste fewer hours, and let fewer 'nice thoughts' go un-acted upon.  To have more fun and to enjoy my 'todays' more. Because I'd like to feel - at the end of however long that I have - like I've managed to cram an awful lot of 'wonderful' into my time here :)


  1. That's a really good thought Tam! It's a good reminder. It's true - if we don't do things on purpose we can find we don't do much of anything!

    You've already crammed an awesome lot of 'wonderful' into your life so far :) xoxox

  2. Awesome thought. What a 'wonderful' legacy to leave - inspiring others to cram in the wonderful!