Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lately I've Been Wondering.......

Lol.  So, so tired! :)

I just started walking again last week (as in for exercise...), and started working out properly this week.  Last night I was sobbing and wobbling through my training while James barked things like "Come on you're not even trying!" and "Breathe!!!", to which I wanted to yell "I AM TRYING!", and "I AM BREATHING!!!!!" but lacked the

It's hard to focus this time though, (this is the second time I've asked my PE expert husband to help me lose baby weight), because James has developed - obviously through coaching and training people way too much lately - a crazy 'coach' persona, and it makes me want to giggle SO BAD!! He's like some crazy sergeant off a bad army barracks comedy movie, and it sets me off every time he tells me what to do.  

Maybe because he's so authoritarian about it and I'm like "James I'm your wife, not some random army cadet you have to bark orders at!" but it was really disrupting my workout, because when you're a body of jelly instead of muscles, and you're desperately trying with all of your might to perform some grossly out-of-your-ability-level-right-now squat or lunge or lift with weights, and somebody makes you giggle, you almost collapse, and nearly die by hitting yourself over the head with your own weights.  

And I was tired and James did not think it was funny, so I was a jelly laughing crying determined little mess.  I'm sure I'd laugh about it now if my stomach wouldn't explode with the pain!  I'm meant to be out the door with the girls to the park in 10 minutes, but oh my it's so hard to move, and my fingers are some of the only muscles in my body which can comfortably move right now lol.  

Okay, okay - I'll go!  I'd better start losing weight and growing muscles soon, and get FIT - which is the whole point, isn't it? So I can have some ENERGY to make this lovely family some dinner every single night, and fit into some clothes that don't have belly bands in them! :)  Ah, good times!!  Getting up now, eeeeek!! :) xox

PS:  It's really, really hard, but LOVING having 3 babies!!! :)


  1. Lol - Love the e-card. Can totally relate :) Yup, the path to fitness is clearly a willingness to kill ourselves..

  2. Haha, I also love the picture :)
    I'm impressed with you Abs! You go girl, and then you WILL be Abs :) :) xo