Friday, October 12, 2012

I Don't Like Shopping, But....

I love shopping so much that I actually list it as one of my hobbies. I will regularly spend hours in my local shopping centre, catching up on the latest trends and people watching. My perfect day would be spent strolling around the shops followed by lunch and a movie. On my own. I don't like having to wait for someone until they finish in a shop, I like to do my pace and my pace only.

I really don't much like shopping.  So much so that my husband does most of our grocery shopping. (He says it relaxes him!).  I can get excited over a book shop or two.. or three, but that's about it...

HOWEVER - I recently discovered some very cheap shopping that I am glad to pass on  :)  Perhaps you already know about these sites and I am the last one to the party?  But if not, please let me introduce you to -     Where everything on the site is only $1 !  That is my kind of shopping!  (I did a huge shop here on Saturday.)  For up to 70 items, the shipping costs are $14.95.  That works out to be about 21c per item for P and H.  Items available for $1 include 500g of Duo washing powder, 450ml of Morning Fresh detergent, 200ml of Pantene shampoo, etc, etc.  The best deal seemed to be Nescafe down from $11 to $1 a jar, (I don't drink coffee though, so..), but there were savings of $3 to $6 on each item for a lot of the stock.  It seems unbelievable and I have no idea how they can be in business ..  So, perhaps get in quickly before the site is not there anymore? :)  Actually, with more of these sites opening up all the time, it seems that this is more and more the way to shop.  I don't like shopping but I do like a bargain!

I like you enough that I don't care what we do, I'd even go grocery shopping with you

(Just to clarify:  This is not a paid advertisement, as much as it may perhaps sound like one.
Just me, impressed to be getting a good deal, I promise :)

submitted by photalkr :)
(Did you know there is a whole site devoted to curly hair problems?  They are up to problem 939 - and counting.  Some understanding at last! :)

If you are interested in other good shopping deals, then please be my guest to look here:

I also quite like the look of this site for future white goods' purchases:

Do you know of any other good shopping deals that you can share??

I feel like a failure! I've been shopping for 20 years and I still don't have anything to wear.

And, in related, (but not-too-closely) news - I may not love shopping but I do rather like these European shopping bags!   I think my favourite is the lady with the plaits.  She just looks so happy :)

European Shopping bags. I need to know why we don't have cool shopping bags like these


  1. Ooh, I like that six pack grocery bag! I think they should be made mandatory!

    1. I'm sure you'd look great Kellie :) I'm imagining a couple of elderly pensioner women walking along with them though.. !

  2. I haven't seen these shopping sites, but will be checking them out for sure!!! :) I do love a good bargain! love the holding hands shopping bag too!

    1. Hi Felicity! I'm guessing that the stock changes regularly too, depending on what they can get at bargain prices. I'm going to check in occasionally to see what's new that is on offer. My daughter pointed out that one of the sites has fabulous sales on chocolates! :)

  3. I like the monkey bag and the plait lady :)
    Awesome site! I love cheap things like that. I get really excited and have to remind myself that just because it's cheap, doesn't mean I should buy things I don't necessarily need!

    I always say that I hate shopping but if I stop and think about it, it's only clothes shopping that I dislike. Any other kind of shopping, like groceries or home-y items shopping I totally love!!!

    1. That's because of your home-loving heart Bethy :)