Friday, October 19, 2012

More Household Heroes!

Back here I wrote about some Homely Household Heroes.   This post adds a few more of my favourite around-the-house things to that list..  

(If you click on the title of each, you can read other reviews or more info. on these favourite things.)

It's a big claim - to be the world's best anything, but this knife sharpener, all things considered, may just rightly deserve the appellation.  Our daughter bought this for us at a shopping centre demonstration.  (Which we don't hold against it :) Ours sits in a drawer and is whipped out and suction-stuck to the bench whenever we are cooking.  It's so easy to use that I sharpen the knife every time I need it.  It takes a couple of seconds and no effort, and sharpens better than I have ever managed before.  Works on scissors and other blades too.  Love it!     

You know when your shoe toes or heels start flapping and 'talking' to you?  With teenage boys in our home it was a pretty frequent occurrence with their leather school shoes and occasionally their sports shoes.  If you look up this product you will find a whole list of directions on how to use it - but never having read those before (actually, I didn't much read them this time either, truth be told) - I used to just grab the tube, squeeze out some globs of the goo into the space between the sole and upper, wipe away the excess with a wet finger, and weight the shoe under the leg of the kitchen  table to cure overnight.  It turns out that you can also use shoe goo for waterproofing, and, amazingly, to actually repair even large holes in the sole of your shoe!  Our experience was that the rest of the shoe was more likely to fall apart before the repair did. Wonderful stuff to have on hand!  Shoe Goo has truly saved many a sole!  :)

I've just discovered this one after our real estate lady put me onto it - she tells me that they use it in their rental properties all the time.   It is like using an eraser on the walls to remove marks - without that smudge you usually leave after cleaning.  I've heard of people using this on furniture and in other applications too.  Pretty amazing!

Vanish Powershot: removes stains from carpets quickly and easily

This has been one of my favourite products for a while.   It seems to magically remove even bad marks from our pale carpet.  If a mark doesn't come off with this, it's probably there to stay.  So easy to use.  Love having it in the cupboard.

I'm that person with almost constant hay-fever and allergies that everyone knows they can always ask for a tissue.  Since changing to these AloeVera tissues some years ago I am now never bothered by the the sore, chapped, red nose I used to regularly endure - the one you've probably endured before too when you've had a bad cold.  These tissues are wonderfully soft-skin friendly.  They have changed my life!  (It's not a huge change in comparison to say, childbirth, but it's been significant nonetheless :)  I highly recommend these!


This Total Effects Serum glides onto your skin like silk!  A small squirt covers your whole face because it spreads so well - and feels wonderful on your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated.  I fell in love with this the first time I used it!  The Regenerist Syrum is supposed to be even better.  

Apparently some people use this very successfully as a nappy rash preventative (click on the link to read some reviews). In our family we've used it mainly to treat and prevent prickly heat and other rashes.  When our children came home from school on a hot day with heat rash under their arms, this is what went on after their baths, and was always immediately effective. Great for use between skin folds, and as a protection against all sorts of skin rashes for all ages.  (We've always used baby powder after showers and baths, but this is particularly effective when you need something more.)

A friend introduced me to these at her home today.  I was wondering about all the pictures she had hanging in their rental house, and Rani gave me a glowing endorsement of these 3M hanging strips, saying that she will now use nothing else! The link in the title will take you to more reviews.  With Christmas decorating time on approach, these sound like a perfect way to hang everything without pockmarking your walls!

And on that Christmas note...

Christmas decorations

Only 66 Days until Christmas!!!

Do you have any products or favourite things that you think everybody should know about?  I'd love to hear if there is something you would like to share :)


  1. Yay! I love these posts! :)

    I didn't know about the first two really (although I think I've seen them around your house... I know I've definietly seen shoes curing under table legs, lol!) But I use all of the others, and they're all great!

    Very excited for Christmas. Kind of like the ornaments tree on the wall picture... how many pieces of 3M sticky do you reckon that took? lol!

    xo Tammy

  2. "it has saved many a sole." Haha, nice :P

    I often don't always believe ads and stuff but now that these products have been endorsed by my mother, I will feel free to use any other those things!

    I'm glad you mentioned about the 3M sticky things. I've looked at those to hang things in our place but always shied away because last year in Sydney we stuck a toy basketball hoop up on the wall in our bedroom (it was spur of the moment and we thought it would be fun. We had many a 'how-many-shots-in-a-row-can-you-get-from-the-doorway/hallway/bathroom' competition :P)but when I pulled it off the wall one of them ripped off a chuck of paint.

    ...mind you they were just ones that came with the toy hoop and in all fairness I didn't read the instructions. The second one came off easily after I read what to do :P
    But like I said, after reading your post...and now knowing what to confidence is restored and I might just get myself some 3M stickys!! :)

    Thanks Mother. I will keep all these products in mind!!! :)

  3. LOVE our knife sharpener - it's made a bunch of cheap knives we've had work really, amazingly well!! And I love that there's no technique to it lol - so easy to use!! :) Tammy you should get one - you would love it. James seems to actually make big holes in his shoes, so I don't know if shoo goo will help, but he goes through them incredibly quickly so it's worth a try! And I can't wait to try magic erasers, and the others. Love that Olay cream too - you've given me some before :) Yay for Household Heroes!! :) And for Christmas... now in 64 sleeps... :) xoxox