Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Musings - An Angel To Watch Over Me

                     An Angel To Watch Over Me

Most mothers feel lousy about themselves at times - as hard as most of us are trying to do our best.  This song by Sally Deford describes so beautifully the spirit of what most of us are trying to achieve.  If you click the link you can listen to this special tribute to mothers.  (If you follow this link it will take you to the Sally DeFord page, where there are other listening versions.) 



She watched by my cradle through long, sleepless nights
She taught me to pray as she knelt by my side 
She guarded my childhood, and all through the years  
She echoed my laughter, she counted my tears  
In the arms of my mother, I came to believe  
That God sent an angel to watch over me                                                                                                  

She taught me the meaning of courage and faith
She taught me to live with the Lord as my strength
She taught me to follow the pathway he marked
She guided my steps when the journey grew dark
And I know there were dangers that I could not see
But God sent an angel to watch over me

She taught me to serve with a spirit that sings
She taught me to seek after heavenly things
And because of her love and her kindness and care
Because of the place that I hold in her prayers
And because of her goodness, I still believe
That God sent an angel to watch over me

About this piece of music, Sally wrote: 'Make a list of all the things mothers do and you'll run out of paper. Make a list of all the things mothers do that are poetic--things you can sing about--and the list becomes much more manageable.
One doesn't sing about casseroles or clean sheets. There is very little poetry in diapers or parent-teacher conferences. As I wrote this song about the gentler, more poetic contributions that mothers make to our happiness, I'll admit to entertaining a few errant lines that didn't make the final draft. (There's not much that rhymes with "carpool." Perhaps that's fortunate.)
These lyrics are based on the singable list, but the less poetic list, for which I am also grateful, is hovering there in the background.

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  1. I love this song! I will have to listen to it again now that I'm a mother and maybe it will have even more meaning! :P
    I'm so lucky to have an angel to watch over me and I want to be Hallie's angel :)