Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Cahoots!

The other day I was washing some dishes, and realised that I hadn't heard from the girls for a while.  I dried my hands and tiptoed down to the playroom to see what they were up to.  When I peeked in, I saw them both sitting under the little table in there together.  My first thought was a heartwarming 'How sweet and cute - they're playing under the table all snuggled up together!' - but almost immediately afterwards I stopped and caught the feeling of espionage in the room.  I dropped to my knees so I could see under the table, and poked my head in again.  I couldn't see much, but I could see little bits of... something...paper?... scattered around.  They were passing something back and forth between them.  It took me a second, but I realised that they were devouring a packet of fruit Mentos I'd picked up at the checkout of the shops last week to meet an eftpos minimum!!

Just in case you don't know what Mentos are... (Mum had to ask :))

They're little round, chewy lollies:

I immediately retreated, so that I could stop giggling and be at least a little stern-faced before going in and confiscating their spoils!  I separated them in different corners of our little house for a little 'sit out', and then called them together to talk about what they'd done.  As I explained to them that they needed to ask me if they wanted to eat something, and that stealing lollies from wherever they found them and hiding out under a table to eat them was wrong, I noticed that they kept sidewards glancing at each other, secretly delighted to be 'in it together'.  As soon as I 'dismissed' them, they soberly apologised, then grinned delightedly at each other and ran off together giggling.

What is it about the situation that's made me grin, all warm and fuzzy thinking about it ever since?!  It wasn't their clear respect for what I was saying to them or their obvious resolve never to sneak lollies into Maggie's bedroom again.  And I can say with certainty that if I'd found either of them at it alone, I would have been completely unimpressed... okay, a little bit impressed if Ana had gotten them off the high bench and thought to hide and eat them all by herself!!  But I loved that they were 'in it together'.  I love that it brought back familiar feelings from growing up, and being 'in it together' with whatever sister or brother I was getting up to no good with at the time!!  I love that Maggie has Ana firmly under her wing, and is constantly teaching her everything she knows - from colouring in to playing with dolls to sneaking under the table in her bedroom to eat Mentos!!

When I was pregnant with one of our girls, I read in a parenting magazine that came in our Bounty bag (a bag they give you at your hospital appointments, full of samples and advertising and coupons - I love it! :)) an article about the benefits of having a big family.  I just tried to Google it but can't find the exact one, but it talked about the fact that even though parents are worried that they won't be able to give as much of themselves to each child if they have many - or even more than one - children gain a LOT from their siblings that you can't gain in the same way, from parents.  I love what I see the girls getting and learning from each other, so much!! I feel like the best gift we've ever given Maggie was a little pocket-sized sister to be her best friend, and to play with and get into 'cahoots' with!!  And the best gift we've given Ana is a big sister to love and adore her and dress her up and teach her the ways of her world! :)

So I'm sure sneaking lollies will lose it's charm for me if it continues, but as long as these two remain in cahoots (hopefully with more constructive and less deviant plots as they get older!) I think I'll be happy :)


  1. So sweet! Just make sure they don't know how to open the front door and take themselves off to the park by themselves without you knowing. Kids are so innocent and so cute!!

  2. When we lived overseas I had a woman ask me if I didn't think that our four children were missing out because I couldn't give each of them as much attention as I would have been able to give just one, and it made me think seriously about it for a few days. Until I thought: not only do I give each of them heaps of love and attention all day long, they give each other so much too. (Could that be the story you are remembering? :)
    I love that Maggie and Ana are such wonderful friends! :)

  3. Hahaha, how funny is that!
    I love that they are in cahoots together and I sneaking under the table. I would have had a hard time not laughing too!!
    Love them :) xo

  4. LOL! Very cute! There's nothing like a bit of sibling conspiracy to keep a household interesting.