Thursday, October 18, 2012

Magic Moments :)

Okay, so I'm super pressed for time today, because James is taking his LAST exam tomorow morning, and needs the computer between now and then to study.  He's just called one of his mates to discuss some of the stuff they need to know, so I've jumped on quickly!

Of course everything's gone out of my head completely, and all I can think of is the not very creative, pretty in routine day I had with the girls.  Fortunately every day has some magic in it, so I thought I'd share some of my favourite moments :)
  1. The girls woke me up this morning, cuddling me and grinning at me and trying to press their faces riiight up against mine!  Instant love claustrophobia :)  Then they said, "Can we see Baby Bruva?!" (have I mentioned we're having a boy?!), and when I lifted up my shirt so they could see my tummy, they started blowing rasberries simultaneously and 'tickling the Baby Bruva' and giggling their heads off together.  They gave my belly a big hug and rested their heads on it, and Maggie whispered "I love you SO MUCH, Baby Bruva!" :)
  2. This morning I was holding Ana, but I put her down when I was making her breakfast so I could use both hands to cut the banana.  She started crying her eyes out and ran straight over to Maggie.  Maggie gave her a big hug and asked, "What's wrong, Buddy?  What's wrong, litttle buddy?!".  Ana started speaking in her own language, accentuated with emphatic gestures in my direction and ending with a mountain of tears and covering her face with her hands!  Maggie gave her a big hug, and while patting her on the back said sternly to me over Ana's shoulder, 'Mummy, you made Ana so sad!!!".  I said "I just needed to put her down while I chopped up the banana for the Weet Bix", and Maggie said "Ana buddy, it's okay - Mummy is chopping up your banana!  How about we get in our high chairs, okay?!"  and then she led Ana over to the table, and climbed into her high chair.  When she noticed Ana couldn't quite make it into hers, she said "Mummy, can you please come and help Ana into her high chair?  She can't reach it!" :)  Then she spoke reassuringly to her 'little buddy' until it was time to eat :)  (gush!)
  3. I taught the girls some Christmas songs.  We started with "Jingle Bells" and "Rudolph", and they loved shouting in at the ends of phrases.  Then I talked to them about how Christmas is when we celebrate the birthday of the little baby Jesus, and sung them 'Away in a Manger'.  The spirit instantly changed in our little conversation, and Maggie said "Mummy that was so beautiful, it's like I am a Child of God"!  And then we sang that one too :)
  4. Tonight I went to the hospital for a pregnancy check up.  When it came time to hear the heartbeat the midwife found it instantly, and it was strong and wonderful to hear :)  I can't believe we have a little boy coming to join our family in a few months!!!!! :)  I can't believe we get to have another perfect little newborn!!  And the girls are probably grateful, because I'll probably let them keep getting older as long as we have little ones to keep the pace :)
  5. When I got home from hospital I went in to kiss Maggie goodnight.  She drew me in for a cuddle and said "Mummy I wanted you but you were gone!".  I said I was sorry that I wasn't there earlier, but that I was back now, and she smiled and snuggled into her blankets.
Today my magic moments were all about the little ones, but I think if we stop and think about it, every day can have a little bit of that!  I know when I was teaching there were many magic moments with the children in my class, and interacting with anyone, or even just being out of doors, I think we can all find them and feel grateful :)


  1. Awww! Ana going to Maggie for comfort cause you were mean! Heart melt! :)


  2. I love hearing about the little ones. I love Maggie and Ana so much too! :)

  3. Gosh I'm gushing reading all of that! I love the little magic moments I get to see and hear about them! Its so beautiful :)