Friday, October 26, 2012

Let there be Light!

This is just a little post today, because it's a little thought really.

I've enjoyed the last few weeks.  There have been some things in my life that have been needing to change for a long time and with a lot of divine help, I've finally been able to tackle some of the biggest of these.

It's been quiet, and I doubt even the people who've spent the most time with me have noticed much of a difference, but it's made a big difference in my head and heart, and in the way I see the world.  And myself, I suppose.

Anyway,  (and I'm getting to the promised 'little thought', I promise).  I've been thinking a bit lately about the process of change.  Especially when we're trying to pull ourselves out of a rut, or when we think we're stuck, or when everything seems a little dark and dreary.  For many years I've mistakenly (at times, because I do know better, really) spent my energies on the method of 'trying to get rid of the darkness'.  Which is pretty much impossible to do while you're sitting there in the dark (if that makes sense).

And something my Dad said to me a few years ago has been floating around my head (and I'm paraphrasing, because I can't remember his exact words but I've got the sentiment down):  "The best way to get rid of darkness is to introduce light".  You don't get rid of darkness so that there's room for the light. You just introduce the light, and the darkness is forced to recede.

And I guess I just wanted to second those wise words. Introducing light will probably mean different things to each of us at different times.  Sometimes it literally means opening the window and letting in some light, other times (most times) it means spiritually increasing the light in our lives (it's no coincidence that Christ is called 'the light of the world'). 

Maybe it's simply doing something that will make someone else (and thereby us) smile.

But whatever it is for you, this has made a big difference for me.  It's harder to get discouraged about all the perceived failures in our lives when there's an ever increasing amount of light in our outlook.

So, there you have it. Friday's post.

There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.
Robert Alden

xo Tammy


  1. Aw nice post :) And love that quote at the end! Glad the sun is coming out to play!!! :) xoxox

    PS: Pretty candle picture!! Are you going to put 31 candles on each table like this for your party? :)

    1. What table? We don't own a table! I really need to address that.... *sigh*

    2. You could put down 31 coloured pieces of paper and we could all sit on the ground on those in a circle like they might do in a kindy. T'would be fun! :)

  2. A lovely (and important) thought Tam, and so true! :) I'm off to open a few windows... :)

  3. I like this. I've also experienced this sort of thing. Trying to get out of a rut (or darkness) by just trying to get out of the rut. But really, just add some light/good habits and things will just get better :)
    ...I don't think I made sense..
    I also like the pretty picture! :) xo

    1. I think you made perfect sense Bethy :)